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I Want to Smell Like Jesus

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I recently made some homemade tandoori seasoning. It is made by placing all the ingredients in a hot pan and heating them all together for a minute or so to release the goodness. The recipe says “toss ingredients in hot pan… until each of the spices smell heavenly”. And oh it did! Then I took all of the heated spices and put them in my mortar and pestle and ground them together discarding the unwanted bits such as the cardamom shells. My whole house smelled like an Indian restaurant. That, by the way, is perfectly fine with me!

I went to church that same night and kept smelling my tandoori self. Having previously lived in SE Asia, it made me wonder if, to those I was sitting next to, I smelled like people I’d sat next to on the bus or MRT. Indian spices are so strong and permeate every fiber of your clothing and every hair on your head. It’s a wonderful but very strong aroma. And one which many do not necessarily care for.

So, as I sat there smelling like I rolled around in a tub of tandoori seasoning, I thought about how Jesus should permeate every fiber, ever hair. Do I smell like him?

After the bible study I asked the friend I sat next to if she could smell me. She said she couldn’t. I was actually kind of disappointed.

I rather like smelling like Indian food but I want to smell like Jesus more. Gotta work on that.


Lord, heat up all of my ingredients until I smell heavenly and then grind me with your divine mortar and pestle – discarding the unwanted bits. Permeate every fiber of me so I smell strongly of you. Amen

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