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This blog isn’t even a week old yet and I’m already doubting myself and its creation. As I dig around and read other blogs and visit sites and facebook pages that inspire me and thousands upon thousands of others I realize again and again that there are so many out there with way better stories and abilities to tell them than me.

Am I just adding to the noise here?

Are the people who “liked” the facebook page or read these posts just doing it because they feel obligated?

Do I really have something to say that’s of any value?

Why did I do this? In this blog’s very first post I told the story of the why. I knew I would doubt. I knew I would need a place to go back to confirming what God told me to do. I’m confident that God told me to do this. There may not be a need for anyone out there to read my stuff but God knew I had stuff to write. My story to tell. So He gave this outlet to me. I’m anxious to see what He does with it. I hope it becomes something more. I hope it becomes a community where others are encouraged to empty and be filled and to take masks off and tell their stories. But I will also be very ok if in a year there are only 8 views (or less) a day. I know I’m sharing my heart, His heart, and I know He wants me to do that. And He wants me to do that here. With others or with just Him.

I’ve caught myself several times wanting to push a post or write something catchy on the facebook page to maybe help promote it but fortunately I’ve caught myself. If anything I do encourages or inspires someone else to take steps toward the cross then that is a HUGE bonus. I want that. I really do. But it has to be God’s thing. This cannot feed my control freak nature. It just can’t. God started it and I must let Him do it.

Let’s go back up to that first sentence I wrote… “I’m already doubting myself and its creation”… Yes, I ‘m doubting myself but I can’t doubt my Creator. He’s always been faithful.

Lord, this is yours. Your space. Your words. Your thing to do with what you will. I know it only took me about 5 days to get it back into my greasy littles palms but I’m giving it to you again. I want You to have it. I really do. You can do such a better job with this than I could. Thy will be done.

Empty. Fill. Repeat.


P.S. Did I mention that I’m insecure to my very core? Did I mention that my brain never turns off? Didn’t have to, did I? haha! Empty. Fill. Repeat…

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  1. God called you to do this so don’t doubt. Let Him use it. I did the same thing back in 2007 when I created a website and following of my weight loss website and blog. I was shocked as to how many found it and followed it. I’m a horrible writer. My grammar sucks. I hated English in school. My writing a lot of times is run on sentences and sometimes when I went back and read it, it made no sense but blessed it and used it. One day I deleted it. I created a blog on Blogger. Some followed me over, some didn’t. Many had their season on the site and I will never know the effect it had. God knows and that is all that matters. I was obedient to His calling. Now I feel Him calling me to a weight loss support group on Facebook. We’ll see. Trust God my friend. Trust Him! Love you! Be blessed!


    • Thank you so much for the encouragement! I’ll be praying He gives you clarity of vision for what’s ahead for you. ~Andrea



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