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The Balancing Act – A “How To” List

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Since June of 2009, well really sometime in 2008, when we found out we were moving our family to South East Asia from “Little Town”, Texas, my life has been a balancing act. There’s way more to it than could ever fit into a single blog post, or a hundred, as anyone who has ever moved their family overseas knows all too well. The transitions both physically, emotionally and spiritually often times crashed together like a Cat 5 hurricane making landfall.

We transitioned back to US life in June of 2013 and I still feel like I’m drowning in it all at times so when anyone talks of balance or finding balance, my ears perk up. I long for that. I don’t really care where I live, I’ve grown quite accustomed to changing addresses and I never want to be stuck but being at peace and being balanced is the “ahhh” my soul longs for.

Our pastor, Dr. Ed Young, Second Houston, preached recently about balance. This particular Sunday I sat by myself in church. I rarely sit by myself in church but this particular Sunday I was there alone. I know alone. Or maybe I should say, I know lonely. There were times when we lived overseas that I wondered how in the world i could live amongst 7 million people and feel so alone. It’s possible. I had grand ideals that moving back “home” would make things all better. I’ve laughed at that thought on occasion. But I’ve cried over it more.

So Dr. Young began a list of how to find balance. Oh… I want balance. And oh… I LOVE lists! I’m a bullet point, list making fool. Give me a list and I can follow. I can do a list like nobody’s business. So here’s the list. Pay special attention to #2. Another post is coming on that very soon.

“Balance begins with being still… but then you must move.” ~Dr. Ed Young

Here’s the “moving” list:

1. Have a plan -Jesus stayed close to the Father so he could stick with the plan.
2. Be part of a team – Even Jesus built a team.
3. Go with your passion – If you enjoy what you do , you’ll never work a day in your life. Awaken your passion.
4. Operate out of your genius – Find out what it is if you don’t know.
5. You’re not always nice – Always be kind but there’s a difference in being nice and being kind. A mama bear is not nice when protecting her cubs.
6. Choose your battles – Even Jesus chose his battles carefully and prayerfully to fulfill his purpose.
7. Know the difference between ownership and stewardship – God owns it all.
8. Know the importance of little things – Let God take care of the big things.
9. Don’t look back – Success, failure… whatever’s back there, learn from it but burn it and plow ahead. Elisha burned it all and went with Elijah and didn’t look back. 1 Kings 19
10. Carry around joy – If we are in balance we can’t help but carry around joy. People don’t want to be around gloomy people.

This is a video that they played in church on this Sunday. An adorable little two year old whose leg was amputated and learning to walk, joyfully says, “I got it!”.  Over and over and over and over. “I got it!”. It’s no coincidence that I sat alone that Sunday morning. God needed me to just be with Him in this moment.

I got it. It’s time to move.


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