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Being Busy Is A Choice

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Being busy is a choice. I will always remember the day I learned that lesson!

Before I tell this story THANK YOU to all our amazing friends that carried us through the storm. It was s time that we had things on our calendar every day. We had two YOUNG adorable boys. We were home schooling, on ministry teams, my husband was a church Elder and we had lots of people into our home each week.

On this particular day my boys were performing in a home school talent show to bless seniors and I was providing a home cooked dinner for the church elder board. Let’s just say that this mama was trying to do waaaaaay too much. I was precooking chicken for the dinner prior to the talent show that morning. In the hurry of prepping two children for their solos and trying to get out the door on time I forgot to turn off the stove….. Yeah, it was bad.

Two and a half hours later I returned home to a house FILLED with smoke. All TEN chicken breasts that were poaching had charred Into smoky nothingness. The Fire Chief was amazed that our house didn’t explode. Our family lived in a hotel for the next 40 days while our home was emptied and cleaned by professionals. I would have never made it through without our amazing friends and church, as you can imagine living in a hotel room with a 6 and 4 year old is not easy.

Why am I telling you all of this?? Because remember that FULL calendar? It instantly cleared as we focused on what we needed to do to survive and since then I am diligent to make sure things do not get too crazy around here. It’s just not worth it. Everything we were busy with were GOOD things but in the end disaster struck. Enjoy the article….


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