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Jesus and Wine

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When I saw this video about blending wine, what they eloquently call “hyperdecanting”, and making a $7 bottle taste like a more expensive one, my thoughts went immediately to the comparison between it and our spiritual life.

Cheese alert… We put our $7 selves in the blender of life, blend for 30 seconds to add some air (Holy Spirit), age 5 years (wisdom) and come out tasting like at least a $50 self.

Hey, it all works out in my head. Plus I really wanted a way to write about Jesus and wine.

But seriously, if this can be taken seriously, let’s “blend” ourselves, add a little Holy Spirit and some wisdom and see if we don’t taste better. It could work!


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A stumbling pilgrim and gatherer of stories. Stories about Jesus and how He gave His life for me, sustains me and redeems me ... even though.

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