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Because of the cross…

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Without believing in Jesus or believing we are sinners or believing what He did on the cross, life can be good. But because of the cross… we can do life well. Most importantly, we can love well.

Life can be good without the cross but it can be so much better because of the cross.

Love can be good without the cross but love can be great because of the cross.

It’s like the difference in eating a burger and Mom’s Sunday pot roast. Like the difference between a glass of Boone’s Farm and a New Zealand Pinot. It’s like the difference between watching an action movie on your iphone and watching it on a 60″ HDTV in hyper color.

Because of the cross…

Those four words are packed with so much more than good.

Life is just better, because of the cross.


But Jesus is not here. He was raised, just as He said He would be. Come over to the grave, and see for yourself. Matthew 28:6 (The Voice)

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