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I ordered a personalized bracelet from Darma Z. I’m not a leather cuff kind of gal but I loved the look of one that she had in her portfolio. The words she had on it didn’t fit me. So she’s making me one special. 🙂

I asked her to put the word “see” on it. Simple. Lower case. Just “see”.

see cuff.jpg

Some of my favorite words lately are grace, peace and hope but those are sort of overused on jewelry so I wanted something different and landed on a word that encompassed all of those other good ones.


See grace.

See peace.

See hope.

See love.

See brokenness.

See redemption.

See beauty.

See? It works.

I want to open up my heart eyes and see all that good God has for me.

And while I’m doing that, I should take my shoes off.


Isn’t it like us to keep our shoes on (aka heart closed off) and keep all things potentially painful at bay and not allow ourselves to see? Really see.

If we walk barefoot we might step on something painful but it also means we FEEL!

We all have stories. Some of our stories are out there and some stay hidden until it’s time. God is being so faithful to show me so many stories in people around me that I didn’t see before. Even my own! I didn’t take the time to see. Perhaps I didn’t WANT to see.

What I’m learning, and it’s a molasses-slow process for this girl, is that God wants me to see what HE is doing all around me. His work, His Heaven. It surrounds me. Even in my hidden story and your hidden story. I only have to take my shoes off, open my heart eyes and… see.

May I encourage you to take our shoes off for a little while today (either figuratively or literally)? Feel the feelings you need to. Even the painful ones. Open the eyes of your heart. And see.


“Open your eyes and see how good God is.
Blessed are you who run to him.”  ~Psalm 34:8

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  1. I love that quote! “See” is definitely one of my themes this year, ever since I got to preach on Hagar last January. the power of seeing others. it’s incredible. I want it.



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