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Valley of Brokenness

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Please help me welcome our newest contributor, Kadi Stunz! She happens to be the only person who will ever hold the position of being my daughter in love which mean she’ll always be my favorite. 🙂 She has been the most recent addition to our family and we could not be happier about that. I’m actually jealous that our son is the only one who gets to live with her. She is wise beyond her years and inspires me daily with how she seeks God continually and loves and lives well and lives simply. I’m beyond thrilled for you to get to know her as she shares her heart with us here on EPFH. Read more about Kadi and our other contributors here.

I have learned a lot about being broken. I have recently been in the deep, dark valley of brokenness. Engulfed in sadness, overcome by confusion, constantly battling feelings of anger and bitterness.

I’ve gone through times similar to this before – maybe on a slightly lighter scale – and have ran far, far away as fast as my young, little heart could take me. But this past season was different. Rather than running away or around the deep valley that I knew stood before me, my incredibly godly and wise husband took my hand and began to lead me step by step into this darkness. I fought, screamed, tried to turn around! I didn’t know (and didn’t want to know!) what it meant to face the hardships. But my faithful, God fearing husband kept taking me deeper and deeper into this pit. My stubborn heart would fight and fight until it came to the point where I had absolutely nothing left. I was empty. I couldn’t take any more steps. I couldn’t move. I was stuck.

But that place of ultimate darkness was where I found the beautiful, beautiful depths of God’s empowering strength. When I was broken, when I was finally too weak, when I was forced to be humbled and to lay down my pride – I was brought to a place of surrender. I was finally bowed before the throne of my mighty God to say, “I am so weak. I’m not enough. I NEED You desperately.” And my sweet Savior would reply, “That’s the perfect place for you to be. My strength works best in your weakness.”



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