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Friday Five – Photo Stories

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It’s Friday! I’ve thought all week about what story I would share today and was drawing a blank. But I’ve landed on sharing my five favorite photo stories from this week. Here goes.


1. My happy! It’s been over 3 weeks since I’ve seen my grandson. That is just simply too long. We met up halfway between Dallas and Houston for a lunch date. And took selfies. The halfway meet up for lunch is now officially a tradition. Yes, in our family, it only takes once for something to become a tradition. Oh, how my kids and my grandson make my heart happy.

IMG_16232. I brought my father in law along with me for the above-mentioned lunch date. The drive for us was two hours each way and I so enjoyed talking to him and hearing so many of  his life stories and thoughts that I’d never heard before. This part of the trip was so good for me and him. My mother in law passed away 2.5 years ago and she was his everything. She was also a talker and was so good at making him and anyone around her talk. I think he used up a good amount of his saved up words yesterday and I couldn’t be happier about being the recipient of them. You never really know someone until you let them tell their stories. Everyone wants to be heard. Yesterday, he was heard.


3. This. This is great grandfather’s hand and great grandson’s foot. The passing on of love from generation to generation. One toe tickle at a time. And the rebel in me LOVEs that his foot is on the table! Be on the lookout for this picture in a future post when we start out “Stages of Life” series.

IMG_16224. This is our rescue dog, Zeala. She is actually named Princess Zeala. She wasn’t a Princess when we got her. This girl was sick and neglected. This picture was her looking at our vet this week getting the okay resume normal activities after having heartworm treatment and being on the leash and in her kennel for nearly a month. She was like “Really Doc???” She was happy but I think I was the happiest. YAY! This girl has been through it.

IMG_16405. This is my Friday morning backyard view. One of my favorite coffee cups of all time (Because of where we got it and because of the handle. Handle comfort is crucial!), one of my favorite views, and a blissfully cool and unexpected breeze at the end of June in South Texas. This view kept me from having to clean out my closet. Priorities, right?

I love taking photos. I love capturing memories. I love recording stories through the lens of my camera. I struggle with doing that too much and not just enjoying the moment but someone has to capture this goodness, right? I don’t want to live my life through the camera lens but I also love looking back at my photos and remembering the story.

A dear friend, gifted artist and writer whom we know from our time in Singapore says this on her blog. Click here to visit her website. She has some incredible words and art over there!

“…forgetting what your eyes saw causes your heart to un-remember that it, too, had seen and had been changed.” ~Kristi Beverly

I want to remember life with my eyes and my heart.


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  1. One toe tickle at a time. Melt my heart!



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