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Saturday Share

Your Saturday might be used for any number of things but here at EPFH, Saturday is for sharing.


I read so many great stories throughout the week and I always find myself wanting to share then with you. So I’ve devised a plan to make an easy blog post for me and a worthwhile blog post for you. Now that’s a win-win if I’ve ever seen one.

Easy for me… not that I mind writing because clearly you know I don’t, but some weeks I have more life to live than what I have time to write about.

Worthwhile for you… I am connected with some amazing writers and story sharers. I often read their works and wonder how I can share it with you. I don’t want to fill up everyone’s Facebook feed with too much because Facebook is so busy already I feel it would just be adding to the noise. So I thought about starting this Saturday Share post, then they’re here for you in a neat little package for when you have time to read them.

From my friend Erin, The Heavy Hope

“Let’s, even if for a moment, take down the tents of put-togetherness and trade them in for coverings of grace. Longings are allowed to be spoken there. Aches find a voice. Hope deferred is met with a “May it be.” And lament leads the way to life.”

This is actually from two friends, Claire and Robin. Robin guest posted on Claire’s blog this week. Choosing to Walk Bravely

“So, against every fiber in our being- against everything that comes natural for a mom and dad, against every dream we’d dreamed for him- we begged God for courage and we walked.”

My friend, Laura, offers you a peek into her day as a mommy of littles. Some Days P.S. I think her blog name is one of my most favorites.

“Some days are idyllic wonderlands where kids want to snuggle, meals are all eaten, and kids behave in public. ….And then there are other days”

Enjoy, or find comfort in the “me too” factor in this story from my friend, Kelly, on all the “joys” that come along with the wonderful age of 51. Pulling an All Nighter

“My birthday eve vigil was filled with doubts and questions about my future and the future of my loves as I continue to wrestle with the unfolding of God’s plan and my dreams for this next season of my life and our life as a family. While I would prefer a more detailed and linear blueprint, it appears that this journey is more like uncovering clues on a treasure map. And it is not my map.”

Another friend, Brianna, honestly discusses some lessons she is learning about parenting her two sons. Grace in the Long Term

“Parenting is hard…yet it all comes down to this: Children whom put themselves under law with a bad choice need to be met with grace as a response. I mean… this IS how Jesus parents us…with grace and mercy. It is easier for our flesh as parents to respond with law; thinking it will garner the more desired behavior. And while this may be true for the short-term, what we are teaching in the long-term is what is more important.”

And this… from my friend, Aundi. She is a LPC in Colorado and is such a gifted sharer of hope and encouragement. When You Choose to Breathe

“The longer I walk with folks through their stories, the more I notice most of us have a way of being with pain. Somewhere along the way, we learn to tiptoe around discomfort and conflict and difficult stuff.

And we forget how to breathe.”

Last one for today but certainly not least… my dear friend and one of my top writing cohorts and encouragers, Kelly, has written a piece about a book she read that was written by a friend of hers, Wild in the Hollow by Amber Haines. She tells us of her quest in finding Home. Be sure to follow the links to the book author’s blog to read the entire post. How Right Living Was My Brokenness

“I needed to see my own brokenness again. Years of right-living separated me from the cross. The enemy used religion to make me feel home, but I needed the same measure of grace as the thief, the wayward, and the Pharisee. The Father welcomes the self-righteous older brother at His table, even as He runs after His beloved prodigal.”

Have a wonderful Saturday and weekend!! Share your story with someone today because hearts are filled when stories are shared.


As you can imagine, I pulled these posts from a very large hat. There are more. Countless more. And they’re all so good! If you have a story you’ve shared on your blog, share it with us here, please! Click on the little blue froggy to link it up! You can also click on the cute little froggie to read the stories of those who have shared.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these posts! You are a curator of beautiful writing.



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