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How To Pray When You Have No Room

Posted on in your heartAs I sat watching the movie War Room with a girlfriend this weekend, I was stirred. My soul longs for a deeper, more passionate prayer life. I found that I was becoming distracted by THE ROOM. The prayer closet. “How cool is that”, I thought. I have been privileged to know women for years that have a prayer room or prayer closet but it never really stirred my soul to make my own prayer closet until I saw this movie.

It is interesting to me because just a week before I went to see the movie, literally a week before, I picked up a day planner and totally revamped my prayer request, praying, and journaling system. It’s cute and inspires me to open it, use it, pray. I was totally satisfied and excited about this new system of mine until I saw the movie. Suddenly I wanted a room! I wanted to be able to tape my prayers and requests on the wall, sit back, relax, and pray.

I have seen several pictures come across my Facebook page this week of ladies making a new prayer room in their homes. It made me feel like I NEEDED a prayer room. Which closet can I clean out? What cute chair can I put in it? I need really cute paper to write the prayers on so it looks a feels pretty when I enter it.

WHOA!!! Settle down sweet soul. What a distraction! This movie is powerful it has caused a stirring in so many. Let us not be focused on the external! Prayer is MESSY, it is not pretty, and really, is not relaxing. My new prayer system was something that I had spent time praying about for a while then I “just came across the Day Planner” that I’m using and I thought, “PERFECT!” So why, suddenly after seeing an inspirational movie about prayer, am I not satisfied? I really believe we can get so distracted on the external, “if I just had a closet like that one I would have a great prayer life.”

I hate to break it to you but the closet has nothing to do with it! Get into the WORD, talk to God, take that time out of your busy day wherever you are and DO IT.

We are so blessed to have Randi Miles as one of EPFH’s contributors. Search “Randi” for more of her posts. To find out more about her, click here.

To find out more about The War Room movie and available resources, click here.

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  1. I felt intimidated after the movie like I couldn’t pray as good as the characters in that movie. That is the enemy and it is a lie. Let’s just call it what it is. The point is prayer, not the props. Thank you for sharing, Randi!



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