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Play the Hand(s) Your Dealt – Guest Post at For the Love of Dixie

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I am honored to be a guest poster today at my sweet, Texan, FTL, friend’s amazing blog, For the Love of Dixie. She is hosting a series of Dear Mom letters. Be sure to read about Lauren’s story and check out her t-shirts!


Dear Mom,

I have your hands.

I didn’t know this when I was little for your hands covered mine. Your hands taught mine. Your hands guided mine. Your hands were bigger. More.

A little story…

I have paid for pretty nails for a thousand years. I am a 48 year old perfectionist, control freak who has a seemingly unkickable nervous habit of chewing her nails. It’s a real problem. I’m disciplined in so many areas but this one… I can’t kick it. So, because my God-given nails are not pretty, I pay for my nails. People will ask me, “Are those your nails?” And I say, “Yes”. Well, they are! I paid for them. Haha!

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