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That time Jesus fought for me. And all those other times.

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That time Jesus fought for me. And all those other times.

Most of us have heard the story where Jesus fought his way to earth through the birth canal of a virgin. Fought his way through his childhood being the boy who did nothing wrong and whom many in his family didn’t even like him – never mind that He came to give them eternal life. Fought his way through Satan’s temptations. Fought his way through crowds. Fought demons. Fought incurable illnesses. Fought death.

He fought all these fights, for me, and He won.

But He didn’t stop there. He fights for me daily still.

~When I forget about Him, He reminds me He’s there.

~When I try to leave Him, He pursues me.

~When I get mad at Him, He loves me back.

~When I question Him, He answers me.

~When I lose my song, He sings His over me.

~When I fear, He comforts.

~When I cry, He bottles up my tears.

~When I feel invisible, He sees me.

~When I feel alone, He stays.

He abides.

Definition of abide: to remain; continue; stay: to wait for; await: to endure, sustain, or withstand without yielding or submitting: to accept without opposition or question: to pay the price or penalty of; suffer for: to put up with; tolerate; stand: to remain steadfast or faithful to; keep


Abide With Me, Matt Redman

I have a home, eternal home
But for now, I walk this broken world
You walked it first, You know our pain
But You show hope can rise again from the grave

Abide with me, abide with me,
Don’t let me fall and don’t let go.
Walk with me and never leave.
Ever close God abide with me

There in the night, Gethsemane before the cross
Before the nails, overwhelmed
Alone You prayed, You met us in our suffering
And bore our shame

O love that will not ever let me go!
Love that will not ever let me go!
You never let me go!
Love that will not ever let me go!

And up ahead eternity
We’ll weep no more and sing for joy
Abide me me.
We’ll weep no more and sing
For joy, abide with me!

We can rest assured that our Jesus will abide with us. He will always be fighting for us. It’s simply not in His DNA to give up on us. He came out fighting and He has never stopped. He is the Father who fights for us. He is the Husband who fights for us. He is the Groom who fights for us. He doesn’t know how to stop fighting for us.

Because He loves us. Me. You.
His is the kind of love that fights. His is the kind of love that wins.



P.S. I hope this brings hope to someone today. I woke up the morning of this post, on a Sunday, feeling a bit down and thinking about how often I don’t feel fought for, worth it, chosen. Yes, that could be construed as the “poor pitiful me” syndrome and I confess I do struggle with that on occasion but this time it’s not that. In my sadness, Jesus quickly reminded me that He is always fighting for me. That I am worth it. And that He is faithful in His fight. He will never let me go. If this is you right now, know you’re not alone. Hear my resounding, “me too” and know that as I type this I am praying right now that when you read this, you will feel Him fighting for you when perhaps no one else is. Because He is fighting for you. He can’t help Himself.

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