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EPFH’S FIRST GIVEAWAY!!! Enter to win Through Waters Deep by Erin Shafer

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EPFH’S FIRST GIVEAWAY!!! Enter to win Through Waters Deep by Erin Shafer

TODAY IS THE DAY!! I’ve been waiting for this day! I’ve had these 5 little books, SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR, in my hot little hands for weeks now just waiting to give them to 5 of you lovely readers. Yes, 5! Not just 1 of you, but 5 of you!

book cover

I write media reviews for and this book, Through Waters Deep by Erin Shafer, came across the list of options to review and I grabbed it. Something about its message intrigued me even though I’ve never had cancer. My mother in law died from cancer, not breast cancer but still, 3 years ago this month so it made a connection with me. I haven’t actually posted my review on HJ just yet. That is coming soon, though!

IMG_2886After I chose this one to review I was beyond thrilled to find out that Erin, the author, is on the For the Love launch team that I was on and I was able to connect with her privately and then meet her at the launch party. She’s pretty amazing. In my love of stories, hers quickly became one of my favorites. She’s a survivor and she chose to tell her story to help others survive our stories. This is what EPFH is all about, y’all! Erin graciously signed 5 books for me and now they need to make it into 5 of YOUR hot little hands.

September is a historically hard month for me personally. Several great losses have happened for my family and me in this month over the years. So this year, I set out to save September. This is one way I’m hoping to bring some serious good out of some serious hard. Also!!! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so this is beyond timely for that reason as well.

A few days ago, I shared this photo on EPFH’s Facebook page as a giveaway teaser. It’s one of my favorite photos that I have ever taken. It’s from a street vendor’s flower cart in Saigon, Vietnam. I never knew what I wanted to use it for until now. It’s very special to me as is this book. This book and this photo and this scripture were meant to be together.

Proverbs 31-25

In Chapter 4, Erin mentions this scripture as she discusses “Surgery, Smiles, and Stitches”. She begins the chapter with a story about how, when she and her sister were younger, they wished their breasts were larger and a game they played with each other in their “maturity”. “Yes, we were (and are) blessed with abundance. Well, abundant laughter instead of “other things.” We made up for our lack of wit, wisdom and a desire to laugh at the days to come as written about in Proverbs 31:25.”

As I mentioned above, I have not gone through breast cancer but I have gone through great pain and loss. As I read her story of pain, questioning, faith, loss, and survival, I was amazed at how so many of the same feelings of going through cancer and its losses are similar to other situations and their losses. Her book encouraged me in my journey in unexpected ways.

I hope you’ll participate in this giveaway. I hope you’ll win one of these books. If you do, I hope you’ll read it and then pass it on. If you don’t enter or win one, I hope you’ll buy it for yourself or someone else who is going through breast cancer or any type of painful life challenge that brings great loss. It will undoubtedly encourage. Money back guarantee!! *wink


*We can only ship to domestic US addresses. This gig doesn’t come with a paycheck.
*You can do all 5 things below, and that would be AWESOME!, but your name can only be entered once for the drawing. But did I mention there are FIVE winners??? You have a good chance!

  1. Leave a comment on any EPFH blog post, this one or any other post, and say, “Enter me in the Through Waters Deep giveaway”. (Hint: You can copy and paste that if you want to.)
  2. “LIKE” EPFH’s Facebook page – as in the whole page.
  3. If you already “LIKE” the FB page, leave a comment on the EPFH FB page and say, “Enter me in the Through Waters Deep giveaway”. (Hint: You can copy and paste that if you want to.)
  4. Tag a friend in your comment on the EPFH FB page.
  5. Share this blog post with someone and then somehow, either in a comment here or over on the EPFH FB page, let me know you shared it by saying “I shared it! Enter me in the Through Waters Deep giveaway!”  (Hint: You can copy and past that if you want to.)


*Entries are open today, September 21, 2015 – September 30, 2015.
*The 5 winners will be chosen by random drawing on October 1, 2015 and announced here (first name and last name initial) on this blog and then shared on facebook.
*Winner will need to contact us privately (we’ll discuss that later) with your mailing address.

Have I mentioned how excited I am about sharing this book with you???

So now it’s up to you to comment, like, tag and share!



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  1. “Enter me in the Through Waters Deep giveaway”- Sarah

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  2. “Enter me in the Through Waters Deep giveaway”


  3. “Enter me in the Through Waters Deep giveaway”


  4. I ordered a few books from Erin so don’t enter me 😉 I am stopping by to cheer you on! Yay for an EPFH giveaway!!!!


  5. Enter me in the Through Waters Deep giveaway


  6. Enter me in the Through Waters Deep giveaway


    • Awesome! Thanks for entering!


    • Hi!! You won! Contact us with your address. YAY!!


      • Hi again! If I don’t hear from you by Wednesday, October 7th I’m going to need to pass the book on to another. I have no other way of getting in touch with you besides this. I hope you get this message. Andrea


      • Hi there! That’s wonderful, thanks so much for the follow up. I replied to your email shortly ago as well. Please let me know if you need anything else from me and thanks so much again. I look forward to reading this book!


      • Hi there! That’s wonderful! Thanks so much for letting me know, I actually replied to your email earlier today as well. Please let me know if you have any questions or need any other information from me. Thank you again and I hope you have a blessed week! Charlotte


  7. Enter me in the “Through Waters Deep” giveaway!


  8. Please enter me in the Through Waters Deep giveaway.


  9. Enter me in the Through Waters Deep giveaway!


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