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Friday Five – Five Open Tabs

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Friday Five – Five Open Tabs

five open tabsOne of my favorite places to be is sitting with my feet propped up with my Macbook Air in my lap with my fingers clicking around on the keys, just as I’m doing at this very moment. Many of my keys are worn and letterless. I type a lot. The words in my head and heart are often screaming to get out. I try to oblige.

Today’s Friday Five writing prompt is Five Open Tabs. I do this most Fridays with a few of my blogging friends and some of us link up with each other – Mrs. Disciple started it. And I’m so glad she did! It’s nice to have a writing prompt and it’s a fun way to connect with each other and share some words. As I sit down and write, I am usually looking for some inspiration, have a thought that needs exploring, reading someone else’s blog or looking for a video of an artist’s song to motivate me. I typically always have tabs open for my email, facebook, and my calendar. I toggle back and forth to those often throughout my day.


But to narrow the scope for this post I thought through my week and chose five of my favorite tabs or most used tabs that I’ve had open. Without further ado…
I’m working part-time for this ministry now. My passion for being an advocate for the trafficked and exploited is not new but my actual work in this field is. I’m not on the front lines because that’s not my gifting. I’m doing some of the behind the scenes work to support the front-liners. My learning curve is massive but my heart is bigger. I feel so blessed and humbled to get to be a part of this ministry that brings hope and healing to those who have been trapped in this horrific injustice. Rebecca’s story is incredible, covered in God’s redemptive love and oozing passionate hope. Check out the website. I venture to say you’ll be hearing more about this from me here in the days and years to come. Maybe we can’t fix the depravity of man but we can help one person survive.
I’m also working for this cool media review site. I write music, book, movie reviews but I’ve also just begun doing some other fun articles here called ranking articles. You can go to these articles, find some great movie choices and vote for your favorites. Writing reviews is out of my typical writing comfort zone but I love it for that reason. It’s fresh, it’s new and it’s challenging. If you’re looking for media reviews from real folks and Christian perspectives, this is a helpful site.
This is one of my internet happy places. I LOVE Canva!! I make all my graphics and quotables here. Pretty much every image you see on this blog was made in Canva. Sometimes I just go there to play. It’s cheap therapy.

Against All Grain Gluten-Free Vanilla Almond Granola
So I love this tab!! Some of my staple recipes are from this site. The banana nut muffins are yummo!! I made a double batch of those last week. But this week I made a double batch of this granola. I know you’ll be shocked when I tell you I don’t follow the recipe for this to the “t”. haha! Anyone who knows me knows I rarely leave a recipe alone. Almost anything in life has the potential to be made better. I make a little extra of the honey coating and leave the nuts whole (for snacking) and sometimes add pumpkin seeds or leave out flax seeds. I use whatever dried fruits I’m in the mood for at the time. I usually put extra dried fruit. You really can’t mess this up. I do recommend making a double batch, though. it’s super easy but it’s time-consuming because you have to bake it for so long so you might as well do a bunch at once.

Empty Plate . Full Heart – Not surprising right? This tab is almost always open too. I’m either writing something or about to write something or sharing someone else’s writing here. It’s one of my most favorite tabs. Ever.

What’s open in your Tab Bar right now? Share with me in the comments. This could be fun! Or scary. 🙂 


Click on the frog box to link up your Friday Five post or to view those who have linked up! Do it, she said! It’ll be fun, she said!!

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  1. You and Kelly both have Canva! I need to go play with it some more. I have currently done one whole canva creation. I will be brave and try another. So proud of the work you are doing with advocacy site. I will go check it out! Keep writing, sister!


  2. I’d not heard of the review website, but that sounds cool! 🙂
    I’m a FB messenger addict. not sure how I communicated with friends before. surely not over the phone!


  3. I love the Friday 5 graphic!!! I am clicking through to; thank you for sharing. It is a worthwhile cause that needs more press. Thank you for linking up! #FrdiayFive



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