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EPFH GIVEAWAY – And the winners are…..

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Last week I announced our first ever giveaway. I’m so pleased to announce the 5 winners of this incredible book. It has been such a gift to me personally. I mentioned in the initial giveaway post that I haven’t had breast cancer but I have experienced unexpected and unwanted pain and loss. I was so surprised to see how Erin’s story of surviving breast cancer paralleled with my stories of survival.

Of course I wanted everyone to win a copy but everyone can still be a winner by ordering a copy of your own. Order here.

So the winners are…

Drumroll. please…… BTW, a super special thank you to my sweet daughter for waking up a bit earlier than normal to help me with the drawing. Can you tell she’d rather be going back to bed than going to school? 🙂

YAY!! Brandy L, Holly W, C Brodt, Linda G and Brianna G!! 

Winners: Please contact us privately with your mailing address and you’ll be holding this great book in your hands in no time!

Thank you to everyone who participated. It’s been fun! For those of you who are new to EPFH as a result of this giveaway, I hope you enjoy hanging around. I’m so thankful you are a part of our story!

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  1. Congratulations to the winners!!!! Thank you for a incredible blog and your generosity!

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