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Saturday Share {!!LINK UP!!}

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Saturday Share {!!LINK UP!!}

I want to welcome as many of your stories as I can so on this Saturday, and if it works out, all the Saturdays to come, I’m hosting a link-up post sharing extravaganza.

We’ve offered a couple of Saturday Share posts before with some of my own favorites from the week. I certainly like the idea of sharing but as I thought more about it, I didn’t want it to be so one-sided. I think I’ve come up with a better and more efficient way to do this. I’ll start by sharing with you a few notables from my week and then… Bloggers, LINK UP!

Click on the link up frog at the bottom of the post and share your stories from this week. Or share any of your stories. I won’t check the dates. You are welcome here!

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Here are a few posts that have filled my heart this week. I say “just a few” because if I shared all of my favorites here, this post would be a year long. Be sure to check the link up by clicking on the blue frog box to see what others are sharing.

Too Proud to Pray
“As with many of my personality quirks, my get-it-done mentality leaks over into my spiritual life. I have resolve and determination which essentially eliminates my need to pray.”

The Importance of Being Seen and Known
“When your heart is known by someone it restores you to be unafraid. It encourages you to do brave things and emboldens you to become an adventurer.”

A Broken Vessel of Honor
“One day, I was asking God why, despite all the healing in my life, I still saw myself that way. He gave me a vision that completely changed my perspective.”

Battle Scars
“The thing I’ve learned is that my wounds and scars are like badges of honor…it gives people hope to see that you have walked a hard road, but here you are. Those pieces of your story are exactly what make you so strong.”

Hearts are filled when stories are shared.


Now it’s time for YOU to link up!

Bloggers, link up (click on the blue frog) your favorite post. (Link up option ends on Monday. Not to worry, though, we’ll be back next Saturday!)
Non-bloggers, feel free to leave your favorite link from this week in the comments.
Readers, visit the link up page (click on the blue frog) and read some stories.
Everyone, leave some comments and share your thoughts!

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  1. Thank you for hosting this. I miss so much during the week. How nice to have good words collected together in your sweet space!


  2. I loved this one by Terri Fullerton. It challenged me to turn the numbers off and make sure #Jesusismyplatform:



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