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Borrowed Words – Thankful For B’s

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Borrowed Words – Thankful For B’s

Can you _elieve we are in Novem_er?? There are a few months throughout the year that I’m not particularly fond of _ut Novem_er has always _een one of my favorites. It’s the season of _eing grateful for the gifts God has given to us rather than the ones we give each other. And God’s gifts are simply the “est”!

In this season of being thankful, I thought I’d share with you how thankful I am for “B’s”. I mean, without the letter “B”, the title of this post would be “Orrowed Words”. And that would _e a _it strange.

I’m introducing a new element with this post and plan to continue using it. It seems a little awkward to me to hear my voice played back but I think my grandkids will appreciate it someday. My mom recorded books and stories on cassette tapes for her grandkids. We’ve sure come a long way. Follow the bouncing ball…

If There Were No “B’s”
, by Calvin Miller. We used to read this poem and others to our kids from the book, When the Aardvark Parked the Ark. I was reminded of it since we will be keeping our grandson this week. He’s old enough now to pull out the books and help him start letting words and pictures take him on some adventures.

If There Were No “B’s”, Calvin Miller
If there were no “B’s,”
it sure would be sad.
We’d have to ride “ikes”
and sleep in our “eds.”
And kids who played trumpets
would play in the “and.”
We’d eat our “ham-urgers”
at the “ham-urger” stands.

At ice cream cafes
Eating “utterscotch” sundaes
And “anana” splits
So utterly “affled,”
We’d just sit and sit.

All hares would be “unnies.”
(It sure would sound funny)
And sweet little “a’ies”‘
Would not seem so huggy.
Their mothers would stroll them
In “lack” “a’y” “uggies.”

If muscles were “iceps”
And minds were all “rains”
We’d all hit an “ase-all”
Or play with our trains,
And carry “um-rellas”
To keep off the rains.

We’d have to ride “uses”
And “uckle” our “oots”
And “utton” our “lazers”
Down over our suits.
And sweet little “irds”
Would fly as “irds” do
High in the sky
Where the skies are quite “lue.”

Ever since I was “orn”
I was thankful for skies
And good “ooks” and “row-oats”
And “straw-erry” pies,
Chocolate milkshakes
and “ras-erry” freezes
And maples and oaks and “mul-erry” trees.
“Ut” mostly I’m thankful
Whenever I please
To use hundreds and hundreds
And hundreds of “B’s.

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  1. I love Calvin Miller, but I’ve never heard of these. I might have to look them up!



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