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Saturday Share #LinkUp 11.14.15 (November Adoption Month Focus)

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Saturday Share #LinkUp 11.14.15 (November Adoption Month Focus)

November is National Adoption Month. In this link up, all posts are welcome but I thought I’d use my space here to promote adoption awareness. Adoption happens to be one of my favorite things. People who adopt or defend the orphan happen to be some of my favorite people.

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As a kid, I remember thinking often how certain I was that I was adopted. I was (still am) so different from my siblings in personality and passion. Note that what I call passion my sisters would call something else entirely. haha! But alas, the photographs and stories and genetics don’t lie. I was not adopted into my earthly family but I was most definitely adopted into my eternal family. And for that, I am forever grateful. Pun intended.

I, in no way, want to make light of adoption. I’ve journeyed along with several close friends over the years. Some I’ve just bought jewelry from their adoption fundraiser but others I’ve been more deeply involved. They all have inspiring stories that I have been blessed to partake in. It’s a  crazy, hard, wonderful, hard, exhausting, hard, wonderful, amazing ride. Did I say hard? I believe I did. Did I say wonderful? I believe I did. I’ve seen first hand the emotional roller coaster rides that adoptive parents buckle themselves in for. Dr. James Dobson says that parenting is not for cowards. That is true and neither is the process of adoption. The commitment level for adopting children is high. So is the cost. Both emotionally and financially.

One couple friend of ours adopted a son and a few years later found out he had siblings. So they adopted them. Then found out there was another sibling and with some miraculous orchestration from God, a family in their same town adopted her so they all get to grow up together.

Some other family friends went to Ukraine to get their child and came home with a sibling group of three. One minute they were a family of 5 planning to be a family of 6 and they came home a family of 8. 6 kids. Just like that. And they’re rockin’ it! Not saying it’s been easy, though, and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t either.

When I was a child, my family lived in Brazil. My mom took me to a local orphanage often. It was hot, as clean as it could be and full of adorable babies lying in their cribs. Alone. I remember milk and snot crusted noses and white linens. I loved it there. It’s one of my most favorite memories of our time in Brazil. Being the pogo stick jumping champion might be a close second. I was 7 when we moved to Brazil. Young. I learned the unfairness of life at a very early age. Unfairness for those babies to not have a family and unfairness for me that we couldn’t take them all home. Believe me, I tried. I ugly cried every time we left. I had my little brother picked out. Yes, it was always a boy. I had three sisters already. I didn’t need any more of those. haha!

I don’t believe that everyone is called to adopt. Hold on, let me explain… As much as I’ve wanted to I’ve never felt called, and believe me, I have listened intently for the call. The scriptures don’t tell us we have to adopt an orphan but they do say to care for the orphan. We are all called to do something. We can support, we can help, we can fund, we can pray for those families who are called, we can defend, we can do something.

Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow. ~Isaiah 1:17

Here are a few of my favorite links related to adoption:

I’m Their Mom
This is one of my all-time favorite posts about adoption by one of my all time favorite people. Her ability to be honest with her feelings and with herself in the changes that adoption brings is inspiring to me.

The Archibald Project
I love what this organization is doing to raise awareness about corrupt adoptions. Check out their ministry. You’ll be surprised at how many children are up for adoption that have families to care for them. I was definitely surprised.

A Letter To Baby Cook
IMG_3330A friend who waiting for the day when they get to meet their child. Until then, she bakes beautiful cookies to raise funds. We ordered some cookies from her for our grandson’s 1st birthday. They were amazing!

Brightpointe for Children
Maybe you can’t adopt but you could sponsor. God has blessed our family with three “daughters” from Kenya. We’ve been fortunate to have them stay in our home in 2008 and watch them grow and support and love them along the way.

Family RocksI have always loved this song, this video, this artist. The Chapmans do good work with Show Hope. I buy family t-shirts each year for our Christmas pj’s from a nonprofit. Last year I ordered these Family Rocks shirts from Show Hope. The funds from my order supported the ministry and we got awesome t-shirts. Simply ordering a t-shirt can help.

I want to welcome as many of your stories as I can so on this Saturday, and as long as life and the living of my own story allows, all the Saturdays to come, I’m hosting a link-up post sharing extravaganza.

I’ve shared with you a few notables from my week so now… Bloggers, LINK UP!

Click on the link up frog and share your stories from this week. Or share any of your stories. I won’t check the dates. You stories are welcome here!

Bloggers, link up (click on the blue frog) with your favorite post from your blog this week.
Non-bloggers, feel free to leave your favorite link from this week in the comments.
Readers, visit the link up page (click on the blue frog) and read some awesome stories.
Everyone, leave some comments and share your thoughts!

Link up option ends on Monday. Not to worry, though, we’ll be back next Saturday!

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  1. Love the push. While we aren’t called to adoption at this moment, my husband and I love getting letters from Mark compassion international he sponsored kid from India. He always draws pictures to go along with his letters.


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