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Saturday Share #LinkUp 11.28.15 (Focus: #SmallBusinessSaturday #ShopSmall)

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Saturday Share #LinkUp 11.28.15 (Focus: #SmallBusinessSaturday #ShopSmall)

I’ve pretty much ignored all of this Black Friday business but I am a huge fan of Small Business Saturday. I have long been a fan of buying good stuff that does good in the process. I thought I’d use this week’s Saturday Share to focus on some of the small business that EPFH promotes and encourage others to link up with theirs.

In buying from any of these shops/people, you could be doing good to an individual in an impoverished country trying to make a better life or an individual who is trying to help support their family here in the US. I think both are well worth supporting.

Let’s buy some good and do some good, shall we? I think this is a great plan!

Oh, and LINK UP! Link up your favorite blog post from the week or any link you particularly enjoyed this week. Use the link up button at the bottom or copy your link in the comments.

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Visit EPFH’s Stuff Shop by clicking on this link. You’ll find some great ideas for gifts or “stuff” you need for yourself. Check back in on this page when you think about it. We’ll be adding more as we can. Also, if you have a small business you’d like me to add to this page, CONTACT US and tell me about it!


I also wanted to link to this resource from Jamie Ivey’s podcast, The Happy Hour. I love listening to this podcast. Her interviews and chats are always interesting. She and Jen Hatmaker recently did a show and listed some really great businesses where we can give good and do good at the same time.

Check out Happy Hour #63 Christmas Show and click on the Christmas Shopping Guide link for some really cool gift ideas. I found a few new ones myself that I want to keep track of even after Christmas so posting this link here is for me as well.

What are your favorite small businesses that you support? Please, please, share! Comment with the link or link up by clicking on the little blue frog below. Bloggers, feel free to link up with your blog post from this week. Anyone is welcome to link up with anything you found helpful, enjoyable or encouraging as you lived out your story this past week.

Link up option ends on Monday. Not to worry, though, we’ll be back next Saturday!

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  1. I listened to that podcast today based on your recommendations. I got so many good ideas. I also caught some of their passion for buying local and buying with purpose. Thanks for sharing! Sorry I missed the link up! I’ll look for it next week 😉



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