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And The Ballerina Falls

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And The Ballerina Falls

I’m sharing a piece I wrote for Rebecca Bender Ministries, a ministry which exists to “raise awareness and deliver solutions to the growing epidemic of sex trafficking”. I pray that your heart hasn’t ever been dropped but chances are it has. I pray you can find hope in Jesus. “He was born in an unassuming manger to die on a cross intended for criminals. To fix what had been broken. To save the dance.”

In the documentary city.ballet, an AOL original hosted by Sarah Jessica Parker, the male dancers discuss how they understand their position to be one of support to the female dancer. His position is solely to make the ballerina become the star. To support her, to raise her up, to catch her. He will never be the star of the show. When we think of ballet, we rarely think of the male dancer first–or at all. The ballerina in all of her beauty, grace, poise, and skill is who we think of. She shines because, in the hands of her male dance partner, she is the star. She is safe.

I have not endured the nightmares of one who has been trafficked but I am a woman. I was also once a young girl who longed to be the ballerina. The young heart which longed to twirl and dance. The young heart who longed to be graceful, elegant, and free. Inside of every girl’s soul is the desire to be treasured, supported, loved, and held. To be the Principal Ballerina.

The Ballerina Falls

When I was in middle school, friends and I would go to recess. Day after day my friend Jackie would regale the most riveting ice-skating stories. Jackie would twirl ever so gracefully on the grass in her school clothes and tennis shoes with her arms outstretched showing us all of the moves. She recounted how proficient she was on the rink. I was transported to my own version of the Ice Capades through her parade of stories. She would tell us about her coach and other skaters and all of the awards she had won. I remember watching her with my star-struck heart. Longing to be that graceful. Longing to be that skilled. Longing to be a dancer. It seemed so glamorous and worthwhile. She had my attention. I envied her. I believed her.

Then one day I found out it was all a lie. Somehow I found out she had been lying about all of it. She was not an ice skater or even a dancer. My star-struck heart was devastated and I felt foolish for believing her, for wanting to be like her.

I can in no way speak for how a survivor of trafficking feels but, from my own betrayed heart, I can imagine that those young girl’s feelings of mine, of foolishness, might be comparable. Albeit, on a much smaller scale.

When I began volunteering with Rebecca Bender Ministries and learned more of Rebecca’s story, it was the first I had ever heard of the Romeo pimp. I imagine him as the male dancer on her dance floor. The dancer who was always there. The dancer who would catch her. The dancer who would woo and court and support and love and lead her to believe she was his principal ballerina and that she could trust him.

Until he says, “you’re ready”.

The ballerina has trusted her male dancing partner up until that moment when she realizes she can’t. That one moment she is told to do something she never imagined doing. All of the supporting and courting was a lie. She feels foolish. And the ballerina falls.

The world we live in is broken. The beautiful dance He created has been broken—but not beyond redemption.

Ballerina Falls Edited

Enter Jesus . . . He was born in an unassuming manger to die on a cross intended for criminals. To fix what had been broken. To save the dance. His arms outstretch for you. Jesus is the only one who will forever and for always be 100% faithful. He is the only One who will catch you every single time. You are His Principal Ballerina (Isaiah 42:1-9).

Our God is on the dance floor waiting for you. Won’t you show up to dance? Let Him make you shine. Let Him woo, support, and court you. His love for you is perfect. To know that the Master Choreographer of my life is before it all, with me in it all, and holding it all together – this is my hope.

“He is before all things, in Him all things hold together.” Colossians 1:17

Keep dancing, beautiful ballerina. Trust Him to hold you.




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