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I think I’m okay with Christmas… {Guest Post by Anna Stunz}

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I think I’m okay with Christmas… {Guest Post by Anna Stunz}

I’m beyond proud to introduce you to our youngest daughter, Anna. She has graciously agreed to offer her honest perspective on how she is approaching Christmas this year with her two older siblings being married. There are 6 years between her and our middle child so as our nest empties she gets the good and the bad parts of being the “only child” now. You can imagine my mom pride as I share this piece with you. Please help me welcome my most beautiful and favorite baby girl, Anna.

KidsChristmas2002I think I’m okay with Christmas… by Anna Stunz

I would wake up with my eyes wide open, in my brand new pajamas my mom bought me, ready to get my hands on those beautiful presents waiting for me. I could smell the sausage balls that my mom was cooking as I ran downstairs to get to the lit up Christmas tree with all of the goods resting gently beneath it. I could literally feel my fingers ripping through the wrapping paper to get my prize that I had been waiting for all year.

I see the first present with my name on it. I go to grab it but I stop. I realized I couldn’t open any of these presents without my brother and sister. So I would run upstairs as fast as my little feet could carry me to both my brother and sisters room and jump on their beds and scream as loud as I could to make sure they were awake.


This is how Christmas used to be until this year. My brother is married to his gorgeous wife, and my sister is living with her cool husband and my adorable nephew.  They are both in different cities living with their families, making their new traditions and I’m living at home as an “only child”.

It is hard to know that Christmas is going to be so different this year.

AnnaChristmasI’m a teenager, which means I will be the last one to wake up Christmas morning this year. There will be fewer presents to open, less time opening them, and a little less laughter and tradition around the house on Christmas day. But, honestly, the more I think about it, the more I’m okay with that.

I’m not okay that I have to spend Christmas morning without my brother and sister but I’m okay with them making their own traditions and starting this holiday with their families. The Stunz family had years to create our traditions such as eating taco soup and sausage balls, opening presents, and staying in our pajamas all day. But it’s okay that this time it will just be me and my parents because I know that Tori and Jakeb are creating something super special with their families. They get to make Christmas their own by infusing the traditions of our side of the family and the spouse’s traditions into making it their Christmas.

I’m okay with celebrating Christmas with everyone together a little late on New Years. It will be different but that doesn’t make it bad.

In all of this, I have to not get caught up in the shopping, wrapping of presents, and being upset that I don’t get to celebrate Christmas like I used to when I was a kid because that is all the materialist things about Christmas. Whether or not I’m alone on Christmas or with my family, I will be okay with any way I get it because I get to celebrate a birth of a baby that saved my life. That’s not just okay, it’s AMAZING!

I’m proud of my brother and sister for creating something special with their families and I’m sad that Christmas is going to be different this year being the “only child” but I think I’m going to be okay with that.

~Anna Stunz

My Daughter in Love, Kadi, and my oldest daughter, Tori, have also written and shared their holiday perspectives here recently. Enjoy their posts by clicking on the titles below.

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  1. Tori, you have a beautiful heart. We all fight a bit of selfishness on Christmas morning. You are choosing to shift your focus to others and to THE gift—Jesus! Merry Christmas!


  2. I love this Anna. Change in family traditions can be so difficult. It’s refreshing to read your perspective. Thank you for sharing your heart.


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