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Saturday Share 1.2.16 #LinkUp {Focus: Saving the Good Stuff}

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Saturday Share 1.2.16 #LinkUp {Focus: Saving the Good Stuff}

I am busy. Just like you. I think it’s totally cool that Facebook has added the “save link” option. As I peruse through my newsfeed on any given day and don’t have time to read each thing I’m interested in, I save the link. I want to read them. I want to respond to them. I want to learn from them. So I save them. What happens, though, is that I forget about them. That “Saved Links” folder down at the bottom of my sidebar becomes the storage unit that never gets attention and I forget what’s even in there.

This group of links that I’m about to share with you is going to be like a snapshot into my daily world. It actually might be a little scary. 🙂 They are things that interest me. Things that intrigue me. Things that inspire me. It was actually quite entertaining for me to go back through them and see what all I had saved.

Time to share…

I love recipes. I love food. I love trying new things. At least I love the idea of them. These are links I’ve saved that I haven’t tried yet.

Ginger-Anti-Inflammatory-SmoothieGinger Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie



I shared this recipe with a friend and she actually tried it and said it needed some changes. I’d like to make it but I’ll be making it with her edits.

Thai Cashew BrittleScreen Shot 2016-01-02 at 8.04.53 AM



A good friend has been using this cough syrup for several years now.

honey_lemon_cough_syrupHoney and Lemon Cough Syrup



I saved this one because a friend of mine is friends with the writer and well, we’ve already established that I love food. When my friend shared this link I had told my husband just the day before that I wondered how I could make myself into a food critic and get to travel around to good restaurants and eat good free food and take pictures of it and write about it. Gosh, I would love that!

The 10 Best New Houston Restaurants of 2015

I seem to be a collector of Donald Miller’s words. Here are several links I have saved from him or those who write on his Storyline blog.

Why It’s Important To Tell Even Your Darkest Story

The Importance of Making Peace With Your Past

When Difficulty Feels Discouraging, Remember This

Here is a VERY eclectic grouping of links on counseling, nail designs, forgiveness, marriage, writing tips and personal growth…

How to Find a Great Counselor {On Learning to Ask For Help}

Soul Sessions (Oprah and Brené)

Sara Groves on the topic of Endorsement

How To Write Fiction That Comes Alive (Ted-Ed)

The Major Obstacle in Forgiving Others, John Piper

40 Things to Pray While You’re Fighting For Your Marriage

3 Surprising Truths About Losing and Finding True Intimacy

15 Astonishingly Beautiful Ideas for Your Next Manicure

MS 072 Liz Curtis Higgs: Grace, Mud and The Women of Christmas

From Prostitute to Professor: The 7 Lessons of Maya Angelou’s Messy Life


Now my saved links folder is pretty much all cleaned up. Really I guess I just moved them from one storage unit to another but  at least this way you can enjoy them too.

Now it’s your turn. What links are you saving up that you could share?

Saturday Share BannerIt’s time for YOU to LINK UP!

Bloggers, link up (click on the blue frog) with your favorite post from your blog this week.
Non-bloggers, feel free to leave your favorite link from this week in the comments.
Readers, visit the link up page (click on the blue frog) and read some awesome stories.
Everyone, leave some comments and share your thoughts!

Link up option ends on Monday. Not to worry, though, we’ll be back next Saturday!

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  1. I love that you include some fun lifestyle links here. It lets us know a little more about you. We don’t have to be serious all the time 😉 Thanks for sharing (especially the cough syrup recipe–I am afraid I need that today)!


    • It struck me when I looked back at my saved links on FB that it was a pretty good picture of what is going on in my life and what I like. I think I might do a post like this once a month. Thanks for the encouragement!



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