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Saturday Share 1.9.16 #LinkUp {Focus: None}

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Saturday Share 1.9.16 #LinkUp {Focus: None}

I do this Saturday Share post each week (mostly) and I think all week long about what the focus should be for my part. For the link up, it’s a big ol’ free for all. My own personal “Please tell me what I missed!” type of thing. Throughout my week, as I read through blogs, watch videos and find what interests me, typically a stream of thought bubbles up and I go that route. But this week, I’m coming up flat. So this week’s focus? None. There is no focus. My brain and my heart are literally all over the map right now. Some days are just like that.

So for today, with no focus in particular (which is the current status of my brain), here is what I’d like to share.

Peggy NoonanMy daughter in love and son want me to come stay with them for a few days. I’ve often said that an indicator of parenting success is when your kids want to come home. Now I’m realizing another. When your kids want you to come to their home. So for the 20+ hours I’ll spend on the road this week, I’m “reading” this audio book. I can’t even convey how good it is for me as a writer! My friend AnnieLaurie recommended it and I’m so glad she did. I have no doubt it will be on my “all time favorites list”. I love listening to it on my long road trip but I’m going to have to buy the hardcopy so I can highlight all the quotes that are sticking in my head. Noonan says at one point that she knew some people would have made great friends but their paths never crossed. I feel like Peggy and I would be great friends. I should love to sit with her for a day or two but I’d take a coffee date.

The Time of Our Lives: Collected Writings, by Peggy Noonan
I got to write a review for a media site for Owlegories. THE. BEST. Faith-based kid’s program since the original Veggie Tales. Then I got to interview three of the creators. It was an experience that stretched me. It stretched my skill but it also stretched my courage. If you have children or grandchildren, you need to jump on board with this program. Watch the first episode here.


Chrome Web Timer

This chart includes the total time I’ve spent on these sites since I downloaded the tool. For me, based on what I do, this is a decent balance.

I found this handy little gadget this past week. I often feel like I spend too much time on Facebook and often, guilt overwhelms. Part of my job is on Facebook so it’s hard for me to disconnect from it. I’m resigned to the fact that Facebook will always be my blue. This little tracker gadget has been so helpful! It tracks all the sites I’ve spent time on and puts them in a neat little pie. Some day I’ve realized I spent too much time on Facebook but most days I’m seeing that I’m actually quite balanced. Instead of being the Facebook police that I thought it would be it has become a source of validation.

Chrome Web Timer


Chrome Eye DropperAnd since I’m on handy little gadgets, a friend recently contacted me about and asked if I used it. Yes, I do every day! Canva was down for a few hours one day and it nearly ruined me. Just kidding. Sort of. Anyway, she asked me what other handy tools I had been keeping from her. This is one that I recommended. I also use it every day! This eye dropper tool has become my easy button. I love it! Pick a color… ANY color!

Chrome Eye Dropper


To close today’s share session, I have to share this. The cherry on top…

Tori Owen Playing

There is absolutely nothing that compares to being the mom of a mom. I am so proud of our daughter and how she  loves her boy. Who happens to be my adorable grandson. When Tori has a spare moment from sharing her heart with her young family, she shares her beautiful with us on her blog at Tori Ten Hagen.

Have a great weekend everyone!! Share something good with someone.



Now it’s your turn. What links are you saving up that you could share?

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  1. thanks for the opportunity to share! 🙂
    i hear ya about being all over the place. trying to focus the ole brain just isn’t working for me today.


  2. You came through my email as a Twitter recommendation. I’m so glad. I’ve added both Chrome extensions and I love Peggy Noonan. You have a new reader! Enjoy a wonderful time with your family. Our kiddos are out of town too, and I cherish every precious we are able to spend together. Blessings!


  3. Peggy Noonan has been one of my favorite commentators for a long time. She wrote a book about Pope John Paul II I have wanted to read. Who knew you would like her. And the picture of Tori and Owen make me jealous to be there with you.


  4. Via someone’s linkup list, I found you and am so glad I did. I shall return!!



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