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Saturday Share 1.16.16 #LinkUp {Focus: New Finds}

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Saturday Share 1.16.16 #LinkUp {Focus: New Finds}

Today’s Saturday Share LinkUp is focused on some new things I’ve found recently. I want to be careful to notice new things. So much of our lives are caught up in what we already know. We often get stuck in that rut and it’s easy to slide right by the new without taking notice.


Contigo Water Bottle

I sort of have a thing for water bottles. Similar fetish to that of office supplies. Not sure why but I get a little geeked out when I find a great water bottle or a cool binder or pen. I made an impulse buy at Target this week while I was staying with my son and daughter in love. I didn’t take a water bottle with me so scouring the aisles of Target I chose this one. I love the pop top and the wide brimmed opening. It doesn’t leak and has a nifty little pop up handle. I know glass is all the rage and I have some of those, but they’re too heavy to carry around.

Contigo Water Bottle

These next two will only apply to local readers but for those who aren’t local, perhaps it will spur some date day creativity.

Resale Shop FindThis resale shop in The Heights is incredible! My husband and I had so much fun looking for winter coats. He didn’t find one but I found one for myself and our daughter and we got a couple of other things and only spent about $60. It smelled kind of wonky but it was super organized and they had a great selection. We didn’t purchase the gem of a house robe my husband is modeling but you can see that we had some fun.


The Sand Dollar Thrift Store


Revival Market HoustonAfter our thrift store fun we switched gears and went to an upscale lunch joint called Revival Market. It was scrumptious! The food was so good, service friendly and the ambiance was perfect. I loved that their patio was dog-friendly. I highly recommend their Ginger Lime Slaw and the hand cut fries. I think that’s all I will order next time we go.

Revival Market



Deb Wolf actually found me via a twitter recommendation and I’m so glad she did because then I found her. I love her mission of counting the blessings when faith and life intersect. Perfect for my stage of life. Deb also hosts and I discovered that another IRL friend of mine, Christi Gee (The Cheerio Trail), is a contributor there. I’m amazed at these connections when I think about how big the internet is. But then I’m more amazed when I think that God is even bigger than the internet.

Counting My Blessings, Deb Wolf

MichelleFTLAnd speaking of new finds, I found a new find of the best kind! A new friend. Michelle and I were on Jen Hatmaker’s For the Love book launch team together and had connected in cyber land on occasion. I happened to be in her town. She invited me over for coffee and a yummy slice of Trim Healthy Mama’s chocolate cake (NEED recipe!). I walked into her home, basically a stranger, and we parted friends. I love how God does!

What new things have you found lately? Are you looking for them? Maybe something as simple as a new gadget, maybe something as yummy as a new chocolate cake recipe, but maybe something as eternal as a new friend.



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  1. What a lovely surprise this morning Andrea! Thank you so much! I do love how the Lord connects us through blogging. I’m blessed to have so many friendships with people who continually point me to Jesus and His love. So thankful to count you among those friends. Blessings and hugs!


  2. That house robe though…



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