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Saturday Share 1.23.16 #LinkUp {Focus: The Easy Button}

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Saturday Share 1.23.16 #LinkUp {Focus: The Easy Button}

This week has been busy. Yours too? Yeah, I thought so. I love a good “easy button”. I’m all about efficiency. So for a bit of a lighter post and to lighten your load today, here are a few of my favorite “easy buttons”.

Share the Load
Ask for help. Pay for help if you can and need to. Several years ago I was drowning in the chores at home. I worked part time and our kids were busy and between the five of us, we dirtied a lot of dishes and clothes. I could not keep up. I realized that the laundry and the kitchen were always screaming at me. I only had mental space for one of those things to scream at me. My husband and I discussed this and he willingly championed the kitchen. For years I completely ignored the kitchen mess. Completely. The screaming laundry became a dull roar and the kitchen mess went silent. The kitchen was his. No guilt on me. It was blissful. He still cleans the kitchen a lot but we both have more time now so it gets clean by whoever gets sick of it being dirty first. Share the load. Talk to your spouse or hire someone or get those kids to helping. I never had a problem making my kids help, they’ll agree, but I know some parents who don’t ask their kids to help. Don’t think that it’s easier if you just do it yourself. I mean it might be easier and you can probably do it better but teaching them to be helpful and how to actually do chores is good parenting. Don’t just ask them to help, require them to help. They’ll have their own place or family some day. You’re going to want to go hang out with them and it’d be nice if you had a clean place to sit. 🙂

First5 app
This app is such an easy way to start your day out right. I typically read the day’s First 5 devotion before I even get out of bed. This app has lots of other tools and gadgets to motivate and inspire. Check it out.

Bible app
While some say these apps are not as “spiritual” as a paper bible, I like mine. Maybe I’m not as spiritual but last time I checked the Word of God was alive and living and it doesn’t really matter whether it’s presented by voice, on paper or on a screen. I rarely take my “real” bible anywhere. I got out of the habit of doing that when we lived in Singapore. When we went to church we would typically stay out for the day. Carrying my Bible around in the backpack was just not something I wanted to do. Water bottle, yes. Heavy bible, no. And then there’s the old eyes issue. I love how I can increase the text size on my phone.

I also love this app for listening to the bible. It’s available in many languages and is just great to listen to and feel like you’re there.

I could not live without my crockpot. I have three (not counting the small one) and I use them all. I do love a chef’s quality meal but for busy days, I’m a big believer in dumping it all in and having a yummy home cooked meal ready for dinner. Oh, and definitely get the cook and carry kind. The seal tight lid is awesome! If you’ve ever spilled a pot of hot beans in your car, you’ll understand.

Swiffer Mop
I’m ALL about convenience when it comes to cleaning. I know it’s wasteful but hey, at least it gets done. I’m all about all natural this and that but I know my weaknesses and mopping is one of them. It’s got to be easy if it’s going to get done. The swiffer mop is even more wonderful when your teenager uses it – which ours does.

This is my second favorite mop that we used when we lived overseas and couldn’t get the Swiffer kind.

Shout Color Catchers
I remember when I discovered these wonder sheets. If you’ve never used Shout Color Catchers please start. They will change your life!

Electric Water Kettle
I’m amazed that so few people use these. I get comments on ours anytime we have people over. I use ours multiple times almost every day. I even have a dual voltage travel size kettle. I particularly recommend the kind that detaches from the base. It makes it easier to pour.
And make it Prime! I’m not sure I need to say anything about this. I’m sure you are already saying, “AMEN!” I simply could not do life without Ok, that’s a bit dramatic. I totally could but I’m so thankful I don’t have to.

What makes your life easier? What are some of your “easy buttons” that help you make it through a busy week? Let’s share and help each other out!

P.S. I’m not getting any kickbacks from any of these products. I just love them and am sharing from my own personal experience. But should you want to order any of these products from Amazon, please choose Liberty Path, Inc. as your charity through the Amazon Smile program. A portion of your purchase will go to Liberty Path, Inc., a Christian ministry providing counseling to the under-served population. The founder, Eriko Valk, is an amazing woman and a long time and close friend. I know your donations will be used wisely and gratefully.


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  1. i’m an amazon prime addict!! and we’d starve if i didn’t have a crockpot. i already have 2, but you’ve almost convinced me i need one with the seal thingy!!



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