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Fighting the Battle with the Chronically Ill

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Fighting the Battle with the Chronically Ill

I had the honor of sharing over at Chronically Whole recently. I highly recommend this site for anyone who is battling chronic disease or loves someone who does. In this article I share, from the bystander’s vantage point, stories of three brave disease-fighting warriors whom I know and love. I also share some tips on what those of us can do to love on and fight with them.


Anita Andrea 2012Anita
I remember the first time I heard about chronic illness. Although I didn’t fully understand what chronic illness was or had never even heard the term, my first memory of it was called fibromyalgia and it sunk teeth deep into my mother in law’s body.







Alisa Andrea 2011Alisa
I met an incredible young woman in 2007. She is a gifted singer/songwriter. We hosted her in our home for a concert she was doing at our church. She sang her show and came back to eat ice cream and bond and immediately became a part of our family. She was sick and didn’t know why.




Stacey AndreaThen I met Stacey – the amazing woman warrior behind this blog. She is fighting for herself and for you in what she is doing here. I have only been able to spend minutes with her in real life, but I am so grateful and humbled to get to be a part of her journey.






What can we do to help?

Don’t Assume
Be Tender

Read more here….

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