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Saturday Share 2.20.16 #LinkUp {Focus: Things I’m Loving}

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Saturday Share 2.20.16 #LinkUp {Focus: Things I’m Loving}

This week’s Saturday Share focus is about things I’m loving. It’s pretty easy in our world to get bogged down with the negative. I sometimes have to force myself to see the good. That’s a shame really but it is what it is. So today, here’s some good. Here are a few things I’m loving. Leave a comment and share what you’re loving!

This first thing I’m loving is actually what inspired the focus of this post. At the end of each episode, Jamie Ivey, asks each guest what three things they are loving. Well, one of my things I’m loving is…

1. The Happy Hour, Jamie Ivey’s podcast

I usually listen to her podcasts on road trips. It’s nice because they just go from one to another so I don’t have to fiddle with my phone to find something else to listen to. Her podcasts are always fun and interesting and informative. They keep me awake.

A few of my most favorite episode, in case you want a place to start:

#76 with Sally Lloyd Jones, author of Jesus Story Book Bible and more

#72 with Rachel Hollis, encouragement for the working mom, passion for fostering/adopting. That doesn’t scratch the surface of this episode. It’s packed with goodness.

 #68 with Jamie Nato, marriage, faith, etc.

#62 with Janet Reeves, being a mom through transitions

#60 with Jillian Lauren, author and former member of a harem

There are so many more I can’t list them all but I can tell you that I’ve loved every one I’ve listened to.


punjammies sudara2. Punjammies from Sudara

I love buying things that have a story, that do some good, that have a purpose. I’m a sucker for fundraiser t-shirts, jewelry for a cause, fair trade coffee, you name it. My most recent purchase was a pair of punjammies. They were pricey but I kind of love pajama’s and I’m going to a ladies retreat soon and felt that was all the justification I needed to purchase. I love them!! I actually can’t believe I spent $85 for something to sleep in but I’m actually planning on doing it again. I love them!! Did I say that already? Check them out here. Sleeping in a story… love!


3. Hashtags That Make a Difference, #shouttogether

I’m not a fan of hashtags. I think they are mostly used very carelessly and can link us to things we don’t want to be linked to. However, my friend Ginger is taking on Priceline by storm with a hashtag! You’ll have to read her story, #shouttogether Against Priceline’s Distasteful Adoption Ad, but in a nutshell, Priceline has put out a very distasteful ad that paints a sad and very unfair picture of adoption and she, and many of us who love her or love adoption are backing her up. I’ve always been one to pick my battles carefully. I picked this one. I hope you will too. Priceline needs to remove this ad and apologize. for now, it seems their riding out some free press, which is also sad, but even if they don’t take it down, Ginger and Co. are at least painting the picture of the good in adoption – and there is so much good. Be sure to read her story and join in at any level if you can. We simply must #shouttogether to be a voice for the voiceless.

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8


4. A Clearing Season, by Sarah Parsons

This book has helped me start out the Lenten season for a few years now. I’ve never quite made it through and I’m okay with that. The work goes deeper each year. I’m a bit of a slow learner but what I take the time to learn usually sticks. She takes us into the wilderness and begs us to ask all the questions of the why’s that got us there, what we need to see and learn while we’re in there and how to get out. I haven’t gotten out yet but I love what I’m learning. This is a great book for anyone who is searching for meaning and purpose anytime of the year.


Schlotsky's GF Bun5. Schlotsky’s has GLUTEN FREE buns!!!
I have celiac and have drooled for years over a Scholotsky’s original. Ahhh… it’s amazing!


6. And last but not least… I’m LOVING my latest projects:

My friend, Kelly Smith, and I are working on children’s book. It was inspired, of course, by my grandson’s cuteness. I had the idea one weekend, wrote the copy in one day but it’s not coming together as quickly as I’d like. I’m counting on some delayed gratification. Good things come to those who wait, right? For now we’re working on a plan for illustrations and publishing.

A new(ish) dream of mine is coming to reality. I’m creating an online community to support and encourage mom’s of adult children. “Like” the Notherhood Facebook page and follow the journey of a dream fulfilled.

I’m also currently working on my talks for a ladies retreat I’ve been asked to speak at in April. The theme is grace and I happen to be a huge fan of grace. My word for this project… “nervecited”! This is not an opportunity I could have manufactured on my own so I know God’s got this. What He bring me to He will bring me through. I’m definitely counting on that!


What are you loving right now? Share in the comments or over on the EPFH Facebook page if that’s easier for you.

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And as always, this is a #linkup! Feel free to link up anything you’d like to share. Obviously, if you link something here it’s because you love it!

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  1. I am so happy to be a part of your Saturdays 🙂


  2. expensive jammies! but a 2nd pair? they must be fabulous!



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