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Things That Make Sense in a Nonsensical World

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Things That Make Sense in a Nonsensical World

When we ponder the times we live in today compared to the times of yore, we live in a place with more chaos, more complexity and more choices. While some of that can be good, it brings with it plenty of nonsense. Life really was simpler back in the day. (When you say “back in the day”, that’s how you know you’re old.) Things are not simple now. In my somewhat nonsensical world, I thought I might jot down a few things that make sense. It helps to put a positive spin on what is often overwhelmingly negative.


Things That Make Sense

Adventuring started at an early age for me. My parents took us camping all the time. If you love camping, you know it’s an adventure. If you hate camping, you probably hate it because you’re not particularly adventurous. Or maybe you just hate packing and sweating. haha! I hate those too but my sense of adventure overrides my disdain for sweating and packing. Going to the bathroom when camping is most definitely an adventure or at least it was in my family. Those open pit toilets at Canyon Lake could either be considered a nightmare or and adventure. I chose adventure because well, when you gotta go you gotta go. Then when I was 7 my family moved to Brazil. Talk about adventure. Our four years there solidified my sense of adventure. My parents were great adventurers. Fear didn’t stop them and we got to tag along. I’m not an adventure junkie like some. I don’t need or want to jump out of a plane or dangle from big rubber bands over a raging river. I just have a deep-seated need for change and to experience new things, hear new sounds, see new sites, taste new tastes, smell new smells… Adventure covers all of the five sense and makes perfect sense to me.

If you’d like to be a proper adventurer, you’re probably going to need a passport. Sure there are plenty of things to see in your own country but God created the world. I feel like I learn more about God every time I go somewhere new. It’s like going to an art gallery and appreciate the artist’s creations only the gallery is the globe. I got my first one at the age of 7. I didn’t need it again until I was 42. But seriously, I’m not sure why anyone these days would not have a passport. When a mission trip or a leisure trip opportunity comes up, you’ll be ready. So many people don’t go anywhere even when they know they want to simply because they don’t have a passport. That doesn’t make sense to me. It is too easy to travel and who knows when you might need to skip the country. Just kidding… sort of. Passports make sense.

COFFEE Makes Sense
I’m not sure I need to say much about this. Coffee lovers are cheering in solidarity and coffee haters are scrunching their faces up. Coffee makes perfect sense to me and it helps me make sense of the rest of my life.

BEING A MOM Makes Sense
Motherhood seems to come pretty naturally for me. I know it doesn’t for everyone and that’s okay but it just does for me. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do. It’s what I’ve always wanted to be. Well, that and a secretary which totally comes along with being a mom. Can I get and AMEN??? I feel like a major reason for my very existence was and is to be a mom. Being a mom doesn’t end when the kids leave either. It definitely looks different, feels different, acts different but it’s not over.

God has blessed me with a few good friends. There was a time in my life when friendships were non-existent. Honestly, it was me not them. I’ve had to learn a lot about being a friend before I could have a friend. I’m still learning but I must have grabbed hold of a few good things because I’m doing alright in the friend department these days. A friend recently told me that a friend of hers noticed something about her that seemed off and that she might want to get that checked on. I was impressed by that. We need friends that we are close enough to that 1) will notice such things and tell us 2) we’ll actually trust enough to listen to them. I could not have survived my last few years of hardships and transitions without my friends. I’m so thankful I didn’t have to.

Are you living in a nonsensical world? (I’m hearing a Cindy Lauper tune here. Which also means I’m old.) If you’re living in a nonsensical world, put a positive spin on it and notice a few things that make sense to you? Share in the comments or over on the EPFH Facebook page if that’s easier for you.

Friday Five Link Up MrsDisciple.comThis reflection of five things that make sense is brought to you by Mrs. Disciple’s Friday Five Link Up. I am linking up with my good friend, Kelly, at Mrs. Disciple and a few other friends here, Savoring the Senses. This Friday Five theme has inspired some very helpful and heartfelt words. Go check out Kelly’s post and follow the links at the bottom. Leave some comment love. Bloggers love comments!

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  1. Adventure – yes please!
    Passport – 2 stamps
    Coffee – Americano with heavy cream
    Friends – Accepted with much gratitude to God, desperately needed
    But I think I’ll pass on #5. Auntihood? Without a doubt!


    • Oh, Auntihood definitely qualifies!! I don’t know how many stamps I have in my passport but I’ve had pages added twice. I absolutely love my passport!

      Liked by 1 person

      • wow! do you have blog posts on the travels? i’d love to read your stories.


      • Yes on an older blog. Here’s the link but it might be challenging to find specific posts since I removed all tags and categories once we moved back. I continued to get creepy comments. You could search by country though. Some favorites, Italy, New Zealand, Nepal, Cambodia, China, Vietnam, Indonesia… there are many. Not to brag but we had the opportunity to travel and we grabbed it by the horns! I also titled several posts beginning with “places” so you could search that too and get an eye full. 🙂


  2. Love your post! 😊


  3. What about Coke? (the beverage, not the illegal substance) can it make sense even though it’s bad for me? Because it helps me make sense of the world.


    • It’s your question. 🙂 I used to be completely addicted to Diet Coke and longed for them to put something of nutritional value in it so I could justify. Unfortunately the never have but I can’t drink it anymore anyway. Carbonated drinks give me the worst heartburn.


  4. I tried to comment last week and had technical issues that I could not seem to overcome. I can’t remember what I said, but today it is this: I love what you wrote, what you did with this prompt. I am low on adventure and my passport may expire before I use it again, but I think all of your things make perfect sense!



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