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Saturday Share #LinkUp 3.26.16 {Focus: All Things Easter}

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Saturday Share #LinkUp 3.26.16  {Focus: All Things Easter}

There are so many great posts about Easter out there. I’ve written a few myself. Well, that sounds a bit arrogant. So maybe they’re not great but I thought this Saturday would be a good opportunity to showcase the all in one place for future easy access. For selfish reasons perhaps but I hope others will like knowing they are all here as well. I’m also hoping other bloggers will link up with their All Things Easter posts below. I think it would be great to have a gallery of blogs with all the Easter fun and inspiration right here at our fingertips.


This Easter Sunday, we will sit around our table with our extended family and enjoy a traditional Irish lamb and appreciating the blessing of family unity. In our transient and crazy lifestyle, this is a treasure. I hope you will enjoy time with your family, eating pastel-colored candies, egg & bunny-shaped chocolates and having creative fun with eggs. It is a very special holiday for our family both spiritually and for good ole fun. It is a holiday about Jesus and what He did for us which is very humbling and somber but it is also worth celebrating. I think Jesus is ok with us having fun while celebrating His life. As with all things, we can find balance.

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And just for fun, here is a link to our family journal blog that includes a few fun posts from Easter’s gone by from a more personal vantage point. The Stunz Family Adventures/Easter

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