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Saturday Share #LinkUp 4.9.16 {Focus: Refreshment}

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Saturday Share #LinkUp 4.9.16 {Focus: Refreshment}

I don’t have much to say about any of these links I’m sharing today. They speak volumes for themselves. No fancy images or formatting. Just simple sharing of hope. If you need refreshment today, hope to take another step, faith that your heart can beat again, I pray you find it here in these words and videos as I have. Each of these links have left me speechless and refreshed.

“Lord, do your work of refreshment in the hurting heart today. Amen”


A Psalm of Awakening from Blessed Unravelling, by Wendy Munsell
Oh, God, you are God. (Let there be silence, oh, my soul.)

The immensity of who you are continues to amaze me. When I pause to think on your goodness, your love, and your mercy, I am shaken to the core because I. Am. Not. Worthy.

And yet you love me. (Let there be silence, oh, my soul.)

Click the link above to read more.

When All Else Fails, Remember., by Cheryl Moses
Remembering stirs our faith. It encourages us in our struggles, and it reminds us that we are not in this alone. If you need to take some time remembering today, please do so. Read the verses I listed and as you remember, and then thank the Lord for his faithfulness to you. 

Click the link above to read more.

What has refreshed you this week? What has brought you hope? Please share so we can encourage one another! Share it with us here in the comments or over on the EPFH Facebook page if that’s easier for you.

This is a #linkup!! Feel free to link up anything you’d like to share. Obviously, if you link something here it’s because you love it!

Links can follow the theme/focus of my post but they do not have to.

Bloggers, link up (click on the blue frog) with your favorite post from your blog this week.
Non-bloggers, feel free to leave your favorite link from this week in the comments.
Readers, visit the link up page (click on the blue frog) and read some awesome stories.
Everyone, leave some comments and share your thoughts!

Link up option ends on Monday. Not to worry, though, we try to do this each week!


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  1. What a great idea for a linkup!!


  2. i’d love to vlog me singing that casting crowns song. it ain’t pretty (but it is funny) 😛


  3. “Doubt your doubts.” Yes. Great advice!
    “In the storm is where you’ll find Me.” How true! Amen!
    Thanks for sharing!



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