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Nesting the New Season of the Empty Nest – A Guest Post by Randi Miles

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Nesting the New Season of the Empty Nest – A Guest Post by Randi Miles

Nesting the new season of the empty nest… you read that right.  It came to me recently that this is exactly what I am doing.  Going a bit crazy really trying to organize and prepare to re-enter the workforce.  After being home with my boys and homeschooling them for the last 15 years it is all about to change.

CHANGE, I have a love/hate relationship with change.  Honestly, I get bored and welcome change, but I prefer it be on my terms and never too big of a change if I were to have it my way.

This change that’s coming I have no control over.  As we are about to graduate our youngest and send him off to join his brother in the world of University Life there are so many different emotions that visit me on a daily basis.  The excitement is huge.  It is so thrilling to watch them become the men they are.  College is where I made a lot of my life-long friends, discovered more about who I am, and really solidified my faith.  Yes, it is exciting to watch them start this new season of life.  Nostalgia, this is a big one, I find that right now I am constantly in the “remember when” mode.  Sadness, no explanation needed here I’m sure.  Joy and love for the time we have had together as a family all these years.  Of course, we are still that same family it’s just that it is going to change.

I’m getting ready for the change, Nesting the new season of the empty nest.

Nesting in the New Season of the Empty Nest

As I sat at my table this morning it was empty, just me and my coffee, and yet it was so very full!  All of the family dinners, company, conversations, laughter, tears, games, projects, celebrations,  it’s all there.  The evidence is all over the table and chairs. At one point I wanted a new table as this one is marked and scratched but now I think I’m just going to keep those memories right here in my kitchen.

This table is a great reminder to me that although my nest is about to feel empty my heart is bursting with fullness and for that I am grateful.



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  1. I dread that day. You get so close to your children by homeschooling.



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