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Saturday Share 5.7.16 #LinkUp {Focus: Stages of Motherhood}

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Saturday Share 5.7.16 #LinkUp {Focus: Stages of Motherhood}

I am so excited to share this series with you! Several blogging friends and I joined forces to put a series together for another blogging friend, Jessica VanSumeren at The Mama Revival Series, to help her out during a busy season. I am so blessed to get to be a part of such an incredible and generous writing community.

This series takes you through five stages of motherhood. Each post is short but chock full of goodness. I hope you’ll take time to read each one and check out more of each writer’s blogs as you have time to – because we all know moms don’t have so much time. But at least they’re all here for you in one place to come back to.

If this series or any portion is meaningful to you, please share this post with your mom friends. We so need to be about encouraging one another.


Contributors: Becky Yurisich & LaRae Humes



Contributors: Lauren Flake, Courtney Ellis, Kelly Smith



Contributor: Heather Gerwing



Contributor: Dana Herndon



Contributors: Andrea Stunz & Robin Lee

A huge shout out to Kelly Smith at Mrs. Disciple for putting all of our words together and creating the amazing images. She gave Jessica and all of us the gift of the “easy button”. If you want one encouraging mom blog to read, Mrs. Disciple is it. She is doing it well and writing about it to encourage us all in the journey of becoming better moms as we become better disciples.

This is a #linkup!! Feel free to link up anything you’d like to share. Obviously, if you link something here it’s because you love it and I’d love for you to share what you love with us here.

Links can follow the theme/focus of my post but they do not have to.

Bloggers, link up (click on the blue frog) with your favorite post from your blog this week.
Non-bloggers, feel free to leave your favorite link from this week in the comments.
Readers, visit the link up page (click on the blue frog) and read some awesome stories.
Everyone, leave some comments and share your thoughts!

Link up option ends on Monday. Not to worry, though, we’ll do this again!

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  1. Good job, Andrea! You’re right, we need to train our children remembering that we are investing in their adult selves. Oh, and I like the way you put all the links together like this, too!


  2. I just love you to pieces. I don’t tell you that enough! Happy Mother’s Day!


  3. I’m so glad you posted this because I completely missed that our submissions had been published!



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