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What kind of friend are you?

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What kind of friend are you?

I am completely honored and grateful to have been included in Maple Alps’ incredible 15-week interview series, #WomenOfIntention16. Being a woman of intention hasn’t always been a focus for me. A lot of my life has been about doing the next thing that seemed right by the rule book and honored God but living daily with intentionality in specific areas wasn’t something I considered with much depth. In my wiser years, however, and with a feeling of not having time to squander, being intentional has become very much of a priority as well as a necessity.

Here’s an excerpt from my post entitled “Women of Intention: Friendships“. I hope you’ll click on the “read more” link to read the entire post and share your thoughts here or on Maple Alps, or on the EPFH Facebook page, on the topic of being intentional in your friendships. Please share this post if you enjoyed it or found it helpful. Using the #WomenOfIntention16 will help us spread encouragement to women all over the globe to make living their lives of intention a priority.


If you’re struggling to find friends or keep friends, take a look at the kind of friend you are. Be the kind of friend you want to have. Grasping this in my life was such a turning point. Take a look at the kind of people you are hanging around with. Someone once told me that we become like the 5 people we hang around with the most. Who do you want to become? Narrow your focus to finding those 5 people or those 5 types of people. If we are constantly looking for others to come to us, to fill us rather than the focus being on us filling others then we will likely live unfulfilled and disappointed. We should make the effort to become someone we would like if we expect others to like us too. Simply profound.

Be the friend you want to have. History has proven to me that in doing so, friends will find you!

Click here to read the post in its entirety.

Click here to see a listing of titles in the entire series.




Be sure to spend some time perusing Maple Alps‘ site. Amanda is an accomplished communicator and encourager. I think you will find her lifestyle blog quite fun and  refreshing.

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