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What’s on tab for today?

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What’s on tab for today?

On occasion, I take note of what tabs I have open on my computer. It’s a decent overview of where my life is, what’s going on in my story and what’s important to me at any given moment. This week’s Friday Five prompt from Mrs. Disciple is Bookmarks/Open Tabs. It’s been a while since I’ve shared a Friday Five post because we’ve been settling into our new home in the UK but I thought this one would be fun and easy enough.

We are now living in the UK and enjoying all the pubs. Lest you think we’re taking our family bar hopping, a pub here is more like a restaurant that just happens to have really good beer and cider. They are very much, with a few exceptions, family friendly. It’s always fun to go into a new pub and see what beer and cider they have on tap. The kind bartenders will usually let you taste test some if it’s a new one for you and that’s fun too. So “what’s on tab” is just a play on words from “what on tap”. And what’s on

On any given day I might have up to 50 open tabs. Today so far, the ones I can remember would be Young Living Oil, a pet store that I order dog food from because it turns out we have one high maintenance dog with stomach and skin issues, multiple blogs that I read, our daughter’s school website, and a few others here in the UK that most wouldn’t find very helpful at al. In fact, the ones I’m about to share with you probably won’t be either but it will at least give you a glimpse into my story and I think we’ve established that I love stories. So what’s on tab for today? Read on…

What's on tab?

I nearly always have my email on tab. We won’t go into how many emails I have though. I’m somewhat, okay more than somewhat, of an email hoarder. But hey, when I need that recipe or that link or address, I can usually find it and everyone rejoices. Okay, maybe not everyone, but I rejoice. And the hoarding continues. I actually did delete two emails today. Progress!

Facebook… yep pretty much always open. There have been times when I’ve had my husband change my password for me so I could get some deadline work done but other than that, it’s usually always on tab. I’ve thought a few times over the years about breaking up with Facebook but I’ve come to the solid conclusion that there is more good in it than bad and I just need to make it work for me. And I have.

Here’s a guest post I wrote for my friend Ginger that I have pulled up because I love stories, even if they are mine and especially when they’re about one of my kids. Less Like Scars is the highlight reel of our oldest daughter’s journey through Scoliosis. Although she endured most of the pain and did most of the hard work, it truly was a defining moment for our whole family. While you’re over at Ginger’s place, dig around her site and check out her family’s defining moments. I know her words and her life will inspire you.

I also nearly always have google calendar on tab. Our family could not survive without google calendar. I’m not exaggerating. We’d never remember anything and someone would never know anything. Many years ago, our son was constantly saying, “No one every tells me anything!”. And our google family calendar was born. Everyone has access and no one has any excuses for not knowing or remembering. That is if it gets added to the calendar in the first place.

I also have a submission form open for an article I’m thinking about writing and sending in. I’m praying about it. It’d be a highlight for me if my words got picked and published on this site so feel free to pray with me if you’re so inclined.

What’s on tab for you today or on any given day? Give us a peek into your world through what you have open on your tab bar. Does that sound creepy? I hope not. I mean I could be asking for you to show us your kitchen junk drawer. *collective gasp  (Side story… when we move to a new house one of the very first things to get established is a junk drawer. I’m a fan of junk drawers and open tabs. And now I’m going to go get a cider and wait for your comments.)

Friday Five Link Up

This #FridayFive is brought to you by Mrs. Disciple’s #FridayFive Link Up over at Mrs. Disciple . The prompt this week was “Bookmarks/Open Tabs”.  Go check out Kelly’s encouraging post


and visit a few others links from bloggers who have shared what links and tabs they are currently enjoying. Be sure to leave a comment. Comments are bloggers love language. We write what we want to say but we also love to read what you want to say.


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  1. I am glad we got to visit today through the link up. It’s like we sat down for a chat at one of your new favorite pubs. I am dreaming of visiting with you for real! Thanks for linking up!


  2. Two e-mails? You deleted two e-mails today? 🙂 bwahahaha! I love it!
    Yeah, I’m bad too. It seems like the better I get at deleting e-mails, the more e-mails multiply into my inbox. It’s part of the never-ending story! 🙂


    • haha! Two e-mails is a drop in the bucket. It’s not uncommon for me to sit and delete 300-500 at a time and that doesn’t make a dent. It’s odd for me to be a hoarder in this area. Out of character but for some reason it just doesn’t bother me. It is a little ridiculous though.



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