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Dear Old Husband, You Are My Favorite Adventure

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Dear Old Husband, You Are My Favorite Adventure

Dear old husband,

I’m aware that neither of us really think of ourselves as old. I wonder if we’ll be old when we’re 80. I’m not quite sure. I don’t know what “old” is but I think we’re there and if not, we must be close because the physical signs are flashing in neon at this point. There are times when I simply can’t believe all that we’ve made it through but then there are times when I’m reminded of every single adventure as they run deep throughout my slowing bones.

Thinking back, way back, those first five years were doozies. We nearly didn’t make it. We were mere 21-year-old babes when we said, “I Do.” What did we know? Turns out, not much. But with the help of some older, wiser people along the way, a lot of hard work, a dash of ignorance, a splash of stubbornness and a bushel of grace, we survived.

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You Are My Favorite Adventure

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  1. This is beautiful Andrea. I’m blessed to have met you on this adventure. Keep up the good work you two, xx



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