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Unlearning How To PLAY: #FMFParty

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Unlearning How To PLAY: #FMFParty

Even for the most dedicated writer, the living of the story often trumps the writing of it. Such has been the case for me lately. Our family has been in a season of major transitions, not bad ones just big ones. Although the words are forming and floating around on the inside, I’m left with very little time to punch them out on my keypad.


I’m joining in on the #fmfparty (Five Minute Friday Party). This is a writer’s link up hosted by Kate Motaung. Each Friday, she offers a single word writing prompt. The participants have five minutes to free write whatever comes to mind using that one word as their prompt. No overthinking, no editing. However, being the rebel that I am, I am going to cheat and edit for spelling and blatantly bad grammatical errors.

I hope whatever I write makes some sort of sense and I’m not totally embarrassing myself. This will be a good way for me to get some words out and keep the writing juices flowing. It will also help me connect with other writers who long to become better writers and are willing to be vulnerable with their craft.

Today’s prompt is PLAY.

My five minutes starts now. Ready. Set. Go.


I remember playing as a little girl. Skirts twirled and shiny shoes made playtime all the more fun.

Somewhere along the way, I listened to the voices that told me that fun was not fun. It was natural for me to play freely but somehow I unlearned how to do it.

When I started dating my husband I would watch how he and his mom played. His mom had the best laugh! I loved watching them goof off together and tucked away the thought that this just wasn’t my style.

I am competitive to the core. I think back to my childhood and realize that perhaps why I didn’t play games with my family too much was because I hated losing. haha! They probably didn’t want to play with me much for that reason either.

As an adult, I’ve mellowed a little. Unabashed playtime does not come naturally for me anymore but I do love to laugh. I haven’t done enough of that in my lifetime. Somehow being playful seems foolish to me but I’m not sure where that idea came from. I’d like to spend the remainder of my life having more fun.

(5 minutes. Wordcount 193)


What does the word “play” conjure up in your head and heart? Think about it and share in the comments here or on the EPFH Facebook page.

Click over to Five Minute Friday to read more about this week’s prompt and/or to add your own link.

#fmfparty PLAY

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  1. Carlene Hill Byron

    So get the idea of forgetting how important play can be. I need to go play at being a fundraiser now! From FMF.


  2. Yes, we do sound like we have some things in common. It doesn’t mean we aren’t having fun. Sometimes the most fun is in watching the joy others are sharing. It spills right over to us.


  3. I hear you, Andrea. For me life got too serious too quick, and play was something never really learned, and quickly forgotten.

    #2 at FMF this week.


    • I think play is in us from the beginning, a gift from God. Some of us just have to dig deeper to find it. I am praying you find something to laugh about today.


  4. Love this! I too sometimes wonder if I’ve lost the ability to really play freely. In this new season of life, I am savoring the opportunities to play. Great job! Keep writing, sister! #fmfparty


  5. Play means being totally immersed in the moment, forgetting all cares and troubles and feeling total peace and joy.


  6. I very much identify with the tension you mentioned between writing the story and living the story… but I think we can also bring “play” and rest into the writing process by not taking ourselves too seriously just like you did here and let go of the “edit” button and just create with the raw materials that present themselves. Blessings on you and your family in this time of transition.



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