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Community is Crucial for Surviving Motherhood

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Community is Crucial for Surviving Motherhood

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My children have grown and have flown but today I’m pausing to reminisce a little. Okay, truthfully, I reminisce a lot these days, but today I’m choosing to share my reflections with you.

I look back through the combined 68 years of being a mom to our three kids and think of all of the people who have helped and loved on us along the way. There are many!

As we raised our three, there were times when I needed help. I’m not good at asking for it. I haven’t come across anyone who really enjoys being needy. Some in my close community knew me well enough to come to my rescue or to the rescue of my children without me having to ask but mostly, I needed to make my needs known. It was uncomfortable, but the benefits were two-fold: 1) I got the help I needed. 2) It paved the way for me to return the favor thus building community.

Making our needs known is not a sign of weakness, but a statement of courage. (click to tweet)


Motherhood Community


Go to on this link to read more and to watch the amazing video that proves my point of how valuable community is to moms.


Photo credit: Wild Wings Safaris Touching video of elephants.

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