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Being Content in my ONLYness #fmfparty

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Being Content in my ONLYness #fmfparty

I’m joining in on the #fmfparty (Five Minute Friday). This is a writer’s link up hosted by Kate Motaung. Each Friday, she offers a single word writing prompt. The participants have five minutes to free write whatever comes to mind using that one word as their prompt. No overthinking, no editing. However, being the rebel (and perfectionist) that I am, I will likely edit for spelling and blatantly bad grammar.

I hope whatever I write makes some sort of sense and I’m not totally embarrassing myself. This is be a good exercise for me. It helps me get some words out and keeps the writing juices flowing. It also helps me connect with other writers who long to become better writers and are willing to be vulnerable with their craft.

Today’s prompt is ONLY.

My five minutes starts now. Ready. Set. Go.


My husband and I are in an unusual situation in life right now.He is working overseas and I am living in Texas. We are both doing a fair amount of pond-hopping to make things work. Mostly, though, we’re kind of winging this whole long-distance marriage thing. We’ll see what works and doesn’t and make adjustments as needed.

But when I’m here and he’s there I am an “only”.

I went to church on Sunday and the usher held up one finger and said, “only one?”

Yep. I motioned back with a nod and a smile, trying to make the best of things and be content.

I do a lot of things as an “only” these days and mostly that’s okay since I like being with myself. But I was particularly grateful that a friend joined me to go see Wonder this past week. Maybe one day I’ll be okay sitting alone in a movie theater or a restaurant but that day is not today.

The perspective that Auggie gives me from that story helps me in my onlyness.

I know the difference between being lonely and being an only. I will take being an only over being lonely any day. There is a sense of contentment when I know that even when I’m by myself, I’m not alone.

Having Jesus with me gives me the courage to navigate this season.

I might be an “only” but I’m never alone.


(5 minutes, 239 words)

and be content with what you have, because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5 (tweet this)


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  1. Lovely Andrea,
    May you find the peace you need during this time. It’s hard to sit alone in a restaurant – I do it travelling and as I do it, it becomes easier.



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