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What is MY brave?

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What is MY brave?

I admit it. I have mixed feelings about the topic of being brave.

Phew, there it is. I said it. This declaration might make you feel as uncomfortable as I do with anything that smells like status quo.

It seems to be a trendy buzz topic these days and I tend to rebel against trendy anything. This is proven by my love for comfortable shoes regardless of the fashion statement I might be making – although I do try to keep it classy. My aversion to “trendy” is also made evident by the fact that my marriage survived hell when most in the world would have thrown it away. I also never bought into trendy parenting techniques, quick weight loss schemes, and Reese’s Pieces. Aaaannndd… some of you stopped reading at Reese’s Pieces.

Basically, I’m not a trendsetter or a trend keeper. I don’t do things like other people do. Within legal limits, I tend to buck the system, question motives, and push the envelope on well, pretty much everything. And sometimes I do it with a little too much spice. Just ask my mom. My head is pretty much always slightly cocked, eyes squinted and brow furrowed as I search for truth. I hardly ever to never take anything or anyone at face value. I need to research and form my own thoughts and opinions. Yes, this is exhausting but it’s who I am.

I guess you could say that, just like Frank Sinatra, I really like doing things my way. (Sorry for the ear worm.)

There are countless resources out now offered with the hope of encouraging us to be brave, to do brave, to find our brave, etc. etc. etc. This is not a bad thing. They hold potential value. But I still have mixed feelings about how this message is conveyed in a culture that already struggles with being too self-focused.

We women (or maybe it’s just me) hear, “Be brave!” or “Do your brave thing!” and we feel empowered. With our arms lifted high and with pumped fists we yell, “YES! I can do this! I WILL do this!”

But rarely do I hear the “be brave” message focused on the fact that we can’t do it alone or that “my brave thing” isn’t MY brave thing but that it’s entirely GOD’S brave thing. All too often, we seem to let “our” story overshadow God’s.

The world’s view of brave doesn’t look anything like God’s view of brave. The world’s view of brave is very much a self-focused endeavor.

Brave isn’t necessarily about walking into a fire or killing a giant with a slingshot.

Brave is about going where and doing what God leads. Period. (tweet this)

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego’s brave was about walking faithfully into the fire. David’s brave was about killing a giant with a slingshot.

But the bleeding woman’s bravery was quiet and fierce as she hoped to touch the hem of Jesus’ robe without being noticed so she could be healed. And Joseph… well, he served years of invisible brave without knowing he would one day save his blood-thirsty brothers.

My brave might be loud.

My brave might be silent.

My brave might be bold.

My brave might be meek.

My brave might look crazy.

My brave might look normal.

If my brave is not within God’s plan then it is self-focused and will be burned up like chaff in the fire. (tweet this)


Being Brave: A 40-Day Journey to the Life God Dreams for You (affiliate link) by my friend, Kelly Johnson.

Being Brave

I have had the ultimate honor of being on her launch team. Her team has been behind the scenes going through the book for the past several weeks. Diving in and discussing chapter by chapter.

Kelly Johnson’s book, Being Brave, lines up with doing God’s brave. (tweet this)

When Kelly encourages her readers to adopt the #BeingBrave40Days perspective, she’s not setting a timeline within which we will achieve ultimate brave status. This is a worldly view of success that so often entangles and deceives. Kelly is walking the journey with us for 40 days. Much like the 40-day journey that Jesus walked in the wilderness alongside His Father, Being Brave is a journey that we should not walk alone. Kelly’s book will offer a fresh focus and one in which we will see how our brave fits perfectly under the safety net of His will. Our boldness to do God’s brave is His dream for us.

I hope you’ll consider gifting this devotional book to yourself or maybe a gift for a friend. It would be a great resource to start the new year with a focus on doing HIS brave thing!

Being Brave is available for preorder now and will be released on December 19th. Just around the corner and just in time for Christmas!

Buy Being Brave: A 40-Day Journey to the Life God Dreams for You by Kelly Johnson

What is YOUR brave? Whether your brave is bold or silent, flashy or invisible, if it’s God’s brave then you are living the dream – HIS dream. Join the journey to #BeingBrave40Days.

Read Kelly’s post about her book, “I Never Meant to Write a Book”.

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  1. “My brave thing” isn’t MY brave thing but that it’s entirely GOD’S brave thing. YES! I need to be reminded of this all the time. My default is to do things in my own strength (and often for my own glory). This is not God’s design for me. Love your review/rebel view of Being Brave!



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