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Red paint will never be enough but red blood will. #endit

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Red paint will never be enough but red blood will. #endit

Someone once told me that she wished everyone in the world would feel like she felt about adoption. That if everyone would adopt a child, it wouldn’t be a problem anymore. I told her that we should all do our part to care for orphans, but we’re not all called to adopt. I also told her that even if every orphan in the world today had a home another would be born tomorrow without one.

Because of sin, orphans will always be longing for a home. It’s a sad situation, for sure, but it’s a situation that is not without hope.

The Lord instructed Moses and Aaron to tell the Israelites in Egypt to put lamb’s blood on their doorways.  The Lord’s wrath passed over the Egyptians, His love would pass over their homes and protect their firstborns. Lives were saved by those red marks but they were a momentary grace.

We can put a red X on our hand every day. Will it #endit? No. Can it help? Sure. (tweet this)

We can’t end it. This side of heaven, these atrocities will continue because the heart of man is wicked. Red paint on our hands will never be enough to cover sin, but the red blood of Jesus on our hearts is.

If you would like to better understand the sex trafficking industry, I’ll share some trusted resources below. Just know, however, that once you know, once you’ve seen, you will have to make a choice. A choice to ignore it or a choice to put feet to your faith. Don’t hear me say that everyone needs to go to the brothels and nightclubs and rescue girls. Although, that might be what God is calling you to. But everyone can do something.

My something is writing this post. My something is praying for the soul who sadly wears a price tag. My something is continuing to educate myself so I don’t grow complacent. My something is sharing resources with you. My something is donating my time and talents when and where I can. My something is hoping with a desperate hope the red X‘s on our hands will become permanently engraved on our hearts.

I hope that our red X‘s make us realize that issues like human trafficking are why Jesus had to die on the cross. I hope that our red X‘s make us long for the day when He returns. Jesus will #endit and we will move from our momentary grace into the arms of the eternal Grace. (tweet this)

Just like the marks on the doorposts in Egypt., today’s #endit movement will save lives. But it’s not going to last. It’s not going to be enough. Only Jesus will be enough. But we can do something.

What’s your something?

Recommended Resources:

Rebecca Bender Initiative
RBI is a survivor-led human trafficking ministry. You will especially want to check out Rebecca’s book, Roadmap to Redemption, and her Red Flag Brochure.

Elijah Rising
This is a Houston-based ministry. I highly recommend you go on one of their van tours. It will be one of the best hardest things you’ll ever do.

The Heart of Man (movie)

Nefarious: Merchant of Souls (website, ministry, movie)

I Am Jane Doe (movie)

The story of my friend, Jessa (video)

I encourage you to share other resources you are aware of with us in the comments.

Red Paint Red Blood #endit


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