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I’m an empty-nester and I installed an internet filter in our home for the first time. Here’s why.

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I’m an empty-nester and I installed an internet filter in our home for the first time. Here’s why.

How many people do you know who have stumbled upon pornography as a child by accident? How many people do you know who, because of this exposure, got stuck in the hamster wheel and couldn’t get out? I know a few.

Granted, those who happened upon pornography back in the day would have likely seen it in printed form. While it wouldn’t have been readily available with the stroke on a keyboard, the images would haunt the mind and have the ability to gain a soul-damaging stronghold. Seeing these types of mind-altering images at any age is unfortunate but in a young and rapidly developing, sponge-like brain, the images could change the trajectory of one’s life.

My children are all grown and living their adult lives. They grew up during the age where the internet was just beginning to gain momentum. While internet safety was an issue, it wasn’t at all like it is today. We didn’t know what we didn’t know and ignorance was bliss. There wasn’t as much available and what was available wasn’t as easily accessible. On top of this, internet filters and accountability apps were nonexistent at that time. Or if they were, we didn’t know about them because we didn’t know we needed them. It’s amazing how much the world of technology has changed and how much technology has changed the world in just one decade.

I was talking recently with my oldest daughter about how we have to approach things so differently as she raises her children. Raising children in any era brings unique challenges but in this particular age of technological advancement, sadly, our children are often forced to absorb images and information as if they are drinking from a fire hydrant.

My daughter asked me what I would be doing to protect her son from having access to heart-compromising sites of any kind when he came to stay at my house. I appreciated her question but I fumbled around with my answer.

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{The internet filter I installed is Circle with Disney. It came highly recommended by trusted friends. At the cost of about $100 and less than 30 minutes set up time, this could help save thousands of dollars and precious hours of life that might need to be spent later in therapy.}
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