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Psalm 51: A Prayer for My Unfaithful Husband

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Psalm 51: A Prayer for My Unfaithful Husband

A prayer for my unfaithful husband? I’m sure you’re wondering why I am praying for my husband who chose to betray our marriage covenant. Honestly, sometimes I wonder the same thing.

Infidelity in marriage is such a complex form of pain and trauma. Everyone’s story is different and deep no matter what the circumstances of the betrayal are. All stories of marital infidelity, at least the ones I’ve come across, come with a thick layer of anger that relentlessly bubbles to the top. While anger is a prominent feeling when we’re wounded, it is not the root feeling. Anger ignored, no matter the root, will turn to bitterness and bitterness steals our peace.

I recently read in Max Lucado’s book, Anxious for Nothing, that “The path to peace is paved with prayer.” In these days of utter turmoil that healing from betrayal brings, peace sounds very very good. (I find myself pausing here to breathe. Deep, lung-filling breath. In through the nose, hold it in for a second or two and then exhale out through the mouth. Peace. Take a moment for yourself. Do you even remember the last time you took a deep breath? Close your eyes. Be still. Breathe in some peace right now before moving on to read the rest of this article. Peace feels good, right? It looks good on us too. Now, moving on…)

When anger towards my husband begins to grow and consume my thoughts, and if there’s a molecule of strength left in me for an honest look at myself, I will find that I’m not praying for him. It’s impossible to be angry at someone you’re praying for.



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