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An Uncluttered Path (& a book review)

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An Uncluttered Path (& a book review)

Sometimes, life has a way of dictating when we need to simplify things. Curveballs come that “help” us examine and redefine our priorities. In the spirit of “out with the old, in with the new”, or the newly trending Konmari method, clearing the clutter is important.

As I read my friend’s, Courtney Ellis, advance reader copy of UNCLUTTERED: Free Your Space. Free Your Schedule. Free Your Soul, I was surprised to find that although much in my life had already been reassessed (due to the dictation of an aforementioned curveball), one area was left unexamined. I’ll tell you more about that in a bit.

UNCLUTTERED LAUNCH TEAMI joined Courtney’s book launch team because I love her. I also admire her calling to help and encourage others and I just love to read her words. There are only a few writers in my world who can string words together that flow like a rich buttercream frosting through my soul. She is one of them. My decision to join her launch team in order to promote her book was a no-brainer.

However, in all honesty, I wasn’t super motivated to read about the topic of uncluttering my life. She knows this and wasn’t offended. (Yet another reason why I love her.) As I mentioned earlier, my life was already undergoing the work of a complete overhaul due to a game-changing painful event. Pain has a way of achieving its own uncluttering process. Because of this clearing, she and I both knew the work I was doing already was enough for me for now.

When I received my advance reader copy, I planned to skim through it, smile with my whole heart at her wit and wisdom, share about it on social media and construct a good book review. Which I did. I knew others would need her buttercream words too.

What I wasn’t prepared for, however, was for her words to greet me with jaw-dropping awe in one particular area that was seriously overwhelmed with clutter. I wasn’t prepared for how her wit and wisdom was surprisingly applicable to this painful season I’m in. We don’t often think that a book about uncluttering our life would be helpful in times of emotional hardship. Or at least I didn’t. Boy, was I wrong!

As I read, I realized how much freedom she offered my soul, particularly in the area of making decisions. “Have you heard of decision fatigue? It’s almost certain you suffer from it sometimes., even if you aren’t aware of it. Decision fatigue is the exhaustion that creeps in after we’ve had to make choice after choice in a given day. It’s why you’re much more likely to cheat on your diet late at night than you are in the morning. It’s why so many couples get into fights in Ikea. It’s why grocery stores put the candy up near the registers – by the time you check out, you’ve usually made so many decisions already that your willpower is at an all-time low. If you’ve ever gotten to the end of a particularly stressful day and wondered why you felt like you’d run a marathon even though you’d only been behind a desk or the wheel of a car, decision fatigue is the answer.” ~Courtney Ellis, UNCLUTTERED

The concept of eliminating decision fatigue blew over me like a cool breeze in a hot Texas summer. In this season, when so many decisions need to be made but my brain finds itself somewhat paralyzed, uncluttering the need for so many decisions is simply brilliant!

I had already been doing some of this decision-making clearing so her encouragement was more affirming. But in realizing the reason I was doing it, it helped me to see other areas where I could do the same.

In case you need further proof of the greatness that UNCLUTTERED offers, I want to share with you some of what others are saying about Courtney’s book.

Don’t just listen to me, here’s what others are saying.

Uncluttered was both humorous & full of wisdom. I laughed & felt convicted & am looking forward to putting into practice so many of her suggestions. Sue T.

Now that my closets and shelves are in better shape, I will start working on my schedule, social media and soul during my second reading of the book. Paul B.

The number of books on my shelves dealing with clutter, organization, time management, and self-care is high enough to make Marie Kondo giddy with her “I love mess” giggles. Since setting up house in our little one bedroom apartment twenty years ago, I can’t turn down a book about managing my stuff and my life. If the author sprinkles in a few Bible verses, all the better. In my stack of books on organization and management, none do the job of untangling my soul from my stuff quite like Courtney B Ellis‘ book Uncluttered. Mrs. Disciple

So many resolutions revolve around getting organized. Uncluttered is a great book to help you accomplish that resolution. My favorite thing about Uncluttered is not just the great and practical advice that Courtney delivers effortlessly with straightforwardness and humor, but also that the book dives deeper than just physical clutter. Courtney delves into what it means to be mentally and spiritually uncluttered and how we can achieve that. Dana Herndon

I just finished the chapter on tithing and THANK YOU, Courtney, for the brief, but graceful comments to those whose spouses aren’t on the same page. B. F.

Bam! Uncluttered was the perfect book to be my first 5 Star read of 2019! If you have enjoyed the new Netflix hit Tidying Up, Courtney is to uncluttering your life as KonMari is to uncluttering your home.  Heather Gerwing

Here are a few blog posts for further persuasion:







I sincerely hope you’ll look into getting the book. I am not in the habit of recommending anything that I haven’t found meaning in myself. The book is widely available in most bookstores and online shops and it comes in multiple formats, including audiobook! If you read it, be sure to leave your honest review on Goodreads,, and/or Amazon. I can promise you that reviews are an author’s love language.

Reading UNCLUTTERED is one decision that will absolutely NOT add to your fatigue. To make it even easier for you, you can read the first chapter here.

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