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Calming Resources During Times of Confusion, Crisis, and Chaos (a list)

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Calming Resources During Times of Confusion, Crisis, and Chaos (a list)

I have approximately 1023 posts that I’ve begun to write and not finished sitting in my Drafts folder. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but there are many. I feverishly peck away at the keyboard as a new idea comes in a futile effort to process a thought before it gets hijacked by my emotions. The dots don’t connect so there they sit longing for the light of day.

I’m guessing I’m not the only one who’s having trouble completing a sentence right now and begging for bullet points. That’s been the case for me, anyway. My brain is foggy so a list it will be.

I have been using many of the resources I’m about to share with you, songs, apps, activities, podcasts, playlists, videos, tools, etc., for a few years. But some are more recent discoveries I’ve found over the course of this coronavirus situation (said with much attitude). All of these resources have, at one time or another, been particularly calming and offered me great comfort. Some I use daily, even hourly, and others I pull up in a moment of need.

Trying not to use too many words, because words are hard for me to write and I’m guessing hard for you to read right now, I’ll share them with you. I’ve included “easy buttons” (aka links). I hope you’ll follow the path to where your heart needs to be right now. If you need a starting point, start with the Pause app. I think you’ll really love it. (Bookmark this post to keep it handy for when you need to tap into some calm in the coming days.)

Without further ado, here is my list of resources to calm us during times of confusion, crisis, and chaos:


This We Know, Vertical Worship


You Already Know, J J Heller


Don’t Forget to Remember, Ellie Holcomb



Pause App

Pray as You Go App



Rhythms of Renewal, Rebekah Lyons

The Book of Waking Up, Seth Haines

Looking for Lovely, Annie F. Downs


Social Media:

Natalie Grant’s Instagram #asongaday

Kate Bowler’s Facebook

Kate Bowler’s Life Together Apart

That Sounds Fun Podcast (Episode 210), Annie F. Downs with John Eldredge


Karla Maclaren on Emotional Grounding/Boundaries


How Each Type is Reacting to the Pandemic
I said I wouldn’t use many words but I couldn’t drop the link and run on this one. Having knowledge of my Enneagram type, fears, and motivations, and the type, fears, and motivations of others I’m in community with, has been such a benefit. Having this language of empathy for myself and others during COVID-19 has helped me stay relatively sane.


These mess-free, magic coloring pages have brought me great and mind-numbing comfort. They’re even better with messy top-knots and no make-up while Facetime coloring with my grandkiddos.


Spotify Playlists:

Hope in Healing

Sunrise Worship

FTL of Writing
I created this compilation of movie music (soundtracks with no words) for myself and other writers as we write. It distracts one side of our brain so the other one can focus. It’s beautiful music that can at least help calm down one side of the brain. That’s a gift!


That’s good. That’s enough for now. I hope you seek and are able to find comfort and peace in these crazy days. Take good care of yourself, friends! You only have to do today and your tomorrow matters.


Feature photo credit: My friend, Jennifer. Complete with popsicle stains from one of her children.

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  1. Kimberly Lightfoot

    Andrea, thank you so much for this blog post. I’ve already accessed some of those mentioned and will check out the remaining ones soon. We have plans to be in Park City in August for a family vacay so hope that works. Maybe we can meet up.


  2. You’re an absolute treasure, Andrea! This is so useful.
    I’ve got the Pause App now.
    Sending a huge hug to you from a very different Singspore ❤️



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