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Saturday Share 12.5.15 #LinkUp

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Saturday Share 12.5.15 #LinkUp

I’ve got some really great stuff to share with you today! I’ve been saving up a few of my favorites all week. This is also your chance to share your favorites with me! I want to know what I’ve missed out on all week. Be sure to check the link up by clicking on the blue frog box at the bottom of the post to see what others are sharing.

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100th Post!!! A Reflection of Smiles

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100th Post!!! A Reflection of Smiles

On March 4, 2015, this blog was officially birthed. I’m not sure I smiled out of fear of being vulnerable but I’m quite sure God smiled. And He has continued to smile over us here at EPFH throughout the last 99 posts. This is post 100. Wow! Immeasurable blessings!

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Friday Favorites – Five Things Near

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I was recently encouraged by a new blogger friend, Kelly, over at MrsDisciple, to participate in a Friday Five link up. So given that my words aren’t flowing easily these days and it sounds like fun (and who couldn’t use some fun about now??), I’ve accepted the assignment. Sometimes in life we just need an assignment, right? Something to help us focus when everything else around us seems disjointed and unorganized. There are days when the stories are in the process of being made and aren’t quite ready to be told.

So while I’m busy living out my story, here are my Friday Favorite Five. Because my words are lacking and my creativity seems to be as well, I’m just going to choose five of my favorite things that are near. Creative, I know…

Random, I know. But it’s a privilege, isn’t’ it? To get mail delivered to our door (or mailbox within easy walking distance) is a luxury. We recently got letters from our girls in Kenya and they are sitting beside me because I can’t bear to put the away just yet. I also received some amazing jewelry I ordered from ViBella that is handmade in Haiti and supports ministry there. I got the Cassidy set and it’s gorgeous!! Wearing it today!

I’ve actually got several books around me right now but Jon Acuff’s, Do Over, is the one with my highlighter in it. This book is about not being stuck in your career choice. I don’t necessarily have a career, but the not being stuck part is applicable to anyone in any stage of life. I never want to be stuck. This is one  my most recent favorite quotes from the book. The pages so far are nearly covered in yellow highlighter marks.

Jon Acuff, Do Over

My couch
AKA, my office… This is actually VERY near me since I happen to be sitting on it right now. This is “my spot” in the house. Everyone should have their own spot. It’s where I write, it’s often where I eat, it’s where I read, it’s where I keep up with my people on social media, it’s where I am most of the time actually. A sink hole is developing. 🙂 I love this spot because it’s comfy but it’s also got great views of our little lake (aka retention pond) outside and my kitchen and pretty much a panoramic view of our whole downstairs. It’s a good spot. My “coworkers” love it here too. (To be honest… I wasn’t working when I took this picture. I was watching Brother vs. Brother, the episode Brandon and Jen Hatmaker were on so I could see her wearing one of my favorite cuff maker’s, DarmaZee, waving about. That cuff is really all I paid attention to.) I said “one of my favorite cuff maker’s because I have another, Live4ChangeArt. Good stuff at both of these shops! Oh, I also do most of my shopping from my couch. 🙂


This recipe
Against All Grain, Banana Muffins 
I love cooking. Baking mostly but I love making things that taste good, especially when I can make something that is really healthy that tastes like it’s not. And this banana bread tastes delicious. It’s in my oven as I type. In muffin or loaf form, this is a staple for me. I make it often and haven’t gotten tired of it yet. I wish you could smell my house right now.

Always coffee…. I’m not addicted as some might think but I do love good coffee and my cup or two in the morning is often what gets me out of bed in the morning. Both of my kid in law’s didn’t like coffee when they married our son and daughter (does that even make sense?) but they have been converted – it was in the contract (fine print perhaps but it was there). We are a self-proclaimed coffee snob family. Our son even roasts his own and we love it when he sends us some. (hint hint, Jakeb) I’m also pretty picky about my cup. Kinda picky about the handle too. It has to “hold” just right in my hand. Some handles are just uncomfortable. I know I have some issues…  I choose a cup in the morning by how I feel. Do I feel nostalgic? If so, I choose my cup from the Kazuri factory in Nairobi or my New Zealand cup with the. perfect. handle. It is so perfect that my son wanted it and of course that would be a negative. We had friends traveling to NZ so I asked her to pick up another one for him for his birthday. And she did! It went from NZ to Singapore to San Antonio to Houston to Lubbock. One well traveled coffee cup with a great handle! Now there’s a fun story. 🙂 Do I feel cheeky? If so, I choose the one that says “Dear Coffee, I love you. That is  all.”. That’s actually my daughter’s cup but if I get it first then… Today I needed inspiration. So I chose this one. I even left the sip drip on there for you. Slurp. 🙂


What are some of your favorite things today? Sometimes joy is found in the simplest of things. We only need to open our eyes a little wider to see them.

Have a great Friday, y’all!


Psalm 34:8
Open your mouth and taste, open your eyes and see— how good God is. Blessed are you who run to him.