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Prey tell, what are you praying for?

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Prey tell, what are you praying for?

I’m off to London for a quick fun trip with my sister next week. I realized today that we’ve never been on a trip together as adults. Neither of us have been kids for quite a while but it’s fun to think about a trip with no parental supervision. haha! We are both huge fans of all things Jane Austen. Although someone recently told me I can’t really be considered a true fan if I’ve only seen her movies and not read the books. haha! Bonus ultra fan points for those who have read her books multiple times. Anyway, on those terms, I suppose I’m not as much of a fan as others but  I will argue, that ANYTHING Jane Austen is fan-worthy and anyone who loves anything Jane Austen can be in my fan club, lame as some may think it.

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