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Cashew ChickenThai Cashew Chicken

This recipe is a combo of several different recipes I found so I guess I don’t really have to give credit to any one person. But I did take the original recipe from my friend Jennifer and then changed and added ingredients in it to make it like one that I liked to eat when we lived in Singapore. Often, when you order cashew chicken, the chicken is breaded. This one is not and I like it better that way. Makes it easier and healthier too!

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You may notice that on some of the recipes there are strange notations about where to find the ingredients in Singapore and measurement conversions. I started this blog while we lived in Singapore with the purpose of helping others find the seemingly elusive ingredients and I haven’t been able to edit them all yet.

A secondary purpose of this recipe blog was to put out our family favorites so our adult kids would have easy access to them.

I hope you’ll enjoy some of the recipes here. In 2012 I was diagnosed with Celiac so I always note whether the recipe is gluten free or how it could be gluten free. I now mostly eat grain free but that is a fairly new thing so that category is growing.

I love sharing recipes. I love sharing food. Feel free to share your recipe blog or links to recipes you love in the comments.

Gather around the table and be filled!



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