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Salvation Stories Blog Series

If you are interested in sharing your story or a piece of it in a guest post, please fill out the contact form below and let me know a bit about what you’d like to share. EPFH is all about sharing stories from a variety of perspectives and life stages that will honor Christ and encourage others.

I’m working on a series for my blog to share salvation stories (how/when you found Jesus and decided to invite him into your life). If this intrigues you and you’d consider sharing yours, check out the submission guidelines below. Even if you’re not a writer, or if you think your story isn’t “juicy” enough, every salvation story is a miracle of eternal value. Your story matters and I’d be honored to share it. I think our world needs these stories of hope now more than ever.


1. 800 words or less (if possible)
2. Keep it to only your salvation experience itself. How, when, why you realized you needed Jesus in your life and what the experience was like for you.
3. Include a brief closing paragraph of how your life with Jesus has benefited and what He means to you now.
4. Send your story to me in the contact form below, along with a photo of yourself (only you) that I can use with your story.
5. Be sure to let me know how you’d like me to address you. Full name? First name only? Anonymous/pseudonym?
6. If you have a social networking platform you’d like me to consider including, please let me know that as well.

*Note that:
1. I will edit for grammar and flow if needed, but will never change your story.
2. I will let you know when your story will be shared. Depending on how many stories come in, it may take a couple of months before I share it.

Humbly grateful,




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