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Five Ways To Be The Kind Of Mom Every Kid Wishes For

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Five Ways To Be The Kind Of Mom Every Kid Wishes For

We all have a mom.

This is a simple fact of life. We may call her mother, birth mom, mama, or mommy but we all came from a woman’s womb. No matter our age or situation, I believe every kid longs to have a mother that makes them feel loved and special. Kids don’t need perfection. I don’t even think kids expect perfection. We might catch ourselves saying, “I wish my mom was . . .” or “I wish my mom would . . .” Or we might catch ourselves saying, “I’m so glad my mom was . . .” or “I’m so thankful my mom did . . .” Sometimes we realize this by having the mom of our dreams and sometimes we realize this by having a mom who is not the stuff dreams are made of. Regardless, we all have moms and there is something to be grateful for—even if simply our heartbeat. Each of our lives has a purpose. We can rejoice in the healthy relationships we’ve had with our moms and give ourselves permission to grieve the relationships we might wish we’d had.

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